Confederation of Trade and Services calls for vaccination of government officials

Confederation chaired by João Vieira Lopes argues that vaccination of senior figures of the State is essential for “the stability and regular functioning of State institutions”, appealing for “not letting any populism lead to the postponement of a decision”.

The CCP - Confederation of Commerce and Services calls for the vaccination of the holders of sovereign bodies as soon as possible, justifying that it is an essential condition for the stability and regular functioning of the institutions.

“In view of the seriousness of the current situation, adding that Portugal assumes the Presidency of the European Union, it is essential that the holders of sovereign bodies, in particular the President of the Republic, the members of the Government, the President of the Assembly of the Republic, and the main responsible of the security forces, should, in the opinion of the Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal, CCP, be vaccinated as soon as possible, so that they can perform their duties in the best conditions ”, says the confederation chaired by João Vieira Lopes, in a statement released this Sunday.

The employers' confederation recalls that the case of the Marcelo Revelo de Sousa test, giving as an example the most recent positive test to Covid-19 of the Minister of Finance, João Leão, and which led to the isolation of the Minister of Economy, of three European Commissioners and Finance team.

“As much respect as the technical criteria for the definition of the people covered in each vaccination phase may deserve, other values ​​have to be considered simultaneously, namely the stability and the regular functioning of the State institutions and, not letting any populism be able to lead to the postponement of a decision that we consider urgent, even from the point of view of the image that we want to leave these six months of Portuguese Presidency of the European Union ”, he concludes.


Portugal promotes “solutions for asymmetric impact of the crisis”, guarantees Finance Minister

“We reached an unprecedented agreement that allows the issuance of European debt on a large scale to finance the recovery of the European economy through European recovery programs”, said João Leão after the G20 meeting.

Law speeding up the seizure takes effect tomorrow

At the origin of this law, published this Friday, is a proposal by the Government - subject to several changes during the discussion in the specialty, in the parliament - of amendment to several tax codes.

Nazaré da Costa Cabral: “There is great uncertainty regarding the performance of the economy in 2021”

The president of the Council of Public Finance, Nazaré da Costa Cabral, says that the situation of the Portuguese economy is "complex", being dependent on the evolution of the pandemic and the ability to recover from the international "bad image" to win over tourists again.