FC Barcelona account on TikTok helped club get closer to fans

For the sixth consecutive year, the Catalan club leads in 'likes', comments and shares.

FC Barcelona was, in 2020, once again the club that generated the most interaction on social networks, generating a total of 1,6 billion publications divided by the four biggest platforms today - Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok, according to “Soccerex” portal.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Catalan club leads in 'likes', comments and shares. On most platforms, Liverpool (1,4 billion interactions) and Manchester United (1,4 billion) were Barça's biggest competitors. This includes Instagram, where FC Barcelona again generated its largest number of interactions, 1,2 billion in total. Rapid adaptation to new types of content was one of the main reasons for consolidating leadership.

FC Barcelona also saw significant growth in TikTok, which was added to this analysis for the first time. The club is number one in followers on this platform (6,6 million), and also leads in interactions, with 45 million, ahead of Liverpool (35 million) and FC Bayern (29 million).

On Twitter, FC Barcelona alone has more than 100 million interactions (108 million) and remains the undisputed leader. With a 10,2% increase over 2019, the club's different accounts on this platform are above Liverpool (87 million) and Manchester United (82 million).

In 2020, FC Barcelona became the only club to have more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube, earning it the 'Diamond' award given to content creators on the video platform. The loyalty of fans is also reflected in the video views of the FC Barcelona channel, which totaled 230 million in 2020, beating Liverpool (228 million) and Flamengo (225 million).

In addition to the interaction data, there was also a growth in terms of followers. In the past 12 months, 30 million new fans have started to follow FC Barcelona's different social media accounts, for a total of more than 380 million.

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