Covid-19: Portugal bought enough vaccine doses for more than 18 million people

Portugal has already purchased 31 million doses of vaccines to inoculate citizens against the new coronavirus. Ministry of Health explains that the 800 additional doses of Moderna's vaccine were not purchased because they would be delivered only at the end of the year.

Portugal has already secured the acquisition of more than 31 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19, which is sufficient to administer to more than 18 million people, according to the Ministry of Health, in a statement released this Thursday.

Marta Temido's office guarantees that the country will have all the vaccine doses it needs to comply with its universal and free Vaccination Plan.

In the document, the Ministry of Health explains that, in relation to the initial contracts with the various pharmaceutical companies that have an agreement with the European Commission (EC), with delivery schedules in 2020 and 2021, “Portugal has acquired all the vaccines that can be purchased against to its population ”.

In addition to these contracts, Portugal also acquired additional quantities of other vaccines, namely from BioNTEch-Pfizer and Moderna, "also planning to purchase additional doses to the initial contract with AstraZeneca", the document states.

Regarding the purchase of additional doses, the Ministry of Health understands that Portugal's option was to choose the additional doses according to delivery times, that is, choosing those that would arrive earlier.

For this reason, and regarding the vaccine from Moderna laboratories, Portugal decided to purchase one million doses and did not choose to purchase an additional 800 thousand additional doses because they would be delivered only at the end of the year.

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