Chronicle of a vacancy announced

With more than a hundred deaths in successive days, the situation became dramatic and the irresponsible People who visited relatives, exchanged gifts and affections and… became infected were confined again.

In March, the first deadly victim of the Covid pandemic had an identity: name, age, profession. The second, too, for being a known person. Then, from people we moved on to numbers. And, if we were attentive to the first reports, we quickly faced them with the same emotion that we were dealing with the weather report.

In May, we were told to leave; guaranteed that restaurants complied with safety rules, advised us to regain freedom and the summer sun helped to unwind. The obedient People left the house, went to the beaches, had coffee on the terraces, fraternized!

At any time that I do not know how to specify, resilience was called for, which is now a widely used word (even called a national recovery plan). No, People, don't want to be resilient, unless you want everything to be the same. Resilient material is good for the restoration of arteries and other blood vessels, which, yes, we want them to maintain their initial shape. We, the People, want advances, progress, improvements.

The warning signs returned in September. After the heat of August, the industrious Povo returned to work, to public transport, to the abnormal “normality”. He lived and… got infected. It was necessary to give a shake! And change behaviors. From contingency to calamity. In November, with the duties of urbanity we added the civic duty of home collection. Was it to stay at home again? Graça Freitas, in her infinite wisdom, came to tell us that we could go to the shows, shop, take the children to school, in short, make a normal life (well ... always with caution and washing your hands). But then, where could I not go?

What turned out to be an upward trend in the number of new cases has become ungovernable. That was no longer a curve, it was a cliff, with the number of new infections, hospitalized patients and, unfortunately, deaths constantly rising. It was necessary to shake with more force! Not the virus, but the foolish people who had gone to restaurants, to shows, left telecommuting and, of course, had become infected.

As a consequence, the hospitals were full (if you don't have Covid, wait, please). Beds were still being made - more close together that are already contaminated - but the doctors, the nurses, the equipment? Wasn't the Ministry of Health going to deal with that over the summer? He went, but there was no availability. The outbreak in Lisbon was to blame, which occupied them all the time. President's word. Which also explained that the Portuguese sometimes have difficulty understanding these (and, I add, others) facts.

For the last half of November, the state of emergency was declared “limited in scope” and “largely preventive effects”. And, eliminating “legal doubts”, we were going to stay at home. Confined again? Oh no! Nothing like that. Much smoother. Only after eleven at night and on weekends and with exceptions. But the shrewd people saw so many exceptions that the prime minister nipped it in the bud: at 13 pm on Saturday and Sunday, everything closed. "And then, aren't there going to be huge queues at supermarkets on weekend mornings ?!" It doesn't matter, that the virus attacks mainly at night. Behave yourself if you want to go out for Christmas.

although from the experts' alert for the risk inherent in lifting restrictions at Christmas, the Government opted for the relief of these measures and left the management of Consoada to common sense, which allowed some to have what they had long desired. This year at your parents' house? At the in-laws' house? No, alone, in ours. However, since common sense has many variants, DGS made some recommendations for the festive season. But, either because it was cold in the backyards or because the stairs of the buildings did not offer the best conditions, the families preferred to gather at home for supper (which Christmas can be when a man wants, as long as it is at dinner).

Breaking the euphoria of vaccines, Janeiro brought confirmation of the “prophecies” of doctors and mathematicians regarding the worsening of the health crisis. With more than a hundred deaths in successive days, the situation became dramatic and the irresponsible people who went shopping instead of making jams, visited relatives, exchanged gifts and affections and… became infected were confined again.

On 13 January, the Prime Minister announced the measures of the new confinement to go into effect at 15. Masses are saved, schools remain open with the promise of antigen tests and, hoping that the virus does not devalue democracy (and take time off), we can circulate to go vote.

May Hope not be confined.

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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