"In a day or two someone will fall." Movement “A Pão e Água” asks for tax cut in half

Gathered in a circle, with two heaters in the middle and seated, the participants of the hunger strike remain pending the government's help. "It looks like a reality show, it has been difficult", he confessed to JE Ljubomir Stanisic reinforcing that "emotionally we have ups and downs like everything, it has been hard".

The movement is called “A Pão e Água”, but since Friday there are only water, tea and coffee. They ask the Government to listen to them and put forward measures to save the sectors of catering, entertainment of events and discos. According to what he told the Jornal Económico (JE), chef Ljubomir Stanisic “in a day or two someone will fall”.

Gathered in a circle, with two heaters in the middle and seated, the participants of the hunger strike remain pending the government's help. "It looks like a reality show, it has been difficult", he confessed to JE Ljubomir Stanisic reinforcing that "emotionally we have ups and downs like everything, it has been hard".

When asked about the health status of the participants, the chef said that on Sunday, on the second day of the hunger strike, a person had a "giant muscular paralysis". "It is very normal, he is not ingesting proteins". As for what Ljubomir Stanisic has ingested, he guarantees: “I only drink water, tea and coffee” and recalls that “I have been to Yugoslavia, I know what it is to go hungry”.

The water, tea and coffee that have been brought by supporters for the cause, who are beginning to worry about the state of health of those who currently camp in front of the Assembly of the Republic. Sónia Costa, singer and friend of some speakers, revealed to JE that “I even brought Iced Tea, but they don't drink anything with sugar”. "I am concerned about their health," he admits.

"A state that does not pay cannot charge either"

José Gouveia, representative of the “A Pão e Água” movement points to JE: “We are here on a hunger strike and the Prime Minister is in Comporta doing a mini vacation and Mr Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is doing a vacation in the Algarve, says it all ”.

“The secretary of state for commerce said he is broke, he has no money, so there is no other way than to resume the economy”, assures José Gouveia, stressing that “if the state cannot pay, it cannot charge, if the state understands is broke look at the companies ”. The help they ask for goes through “taxation reduced by half, either through VAT, TSU, IRC, any tax”

José Gouveia believes that small and medium-sized companies need to be “recapitalized on a non-refundable basis, we do not need more moratoriums because this will fall on companies like a tsunami later”. For SMEs, it will also be necessary for the “VAT to be paid in installments, it has to be maintained until the companies are balanced” and for the establishment hours to return to normal.

A visit to the Presidency house that I knew a little while and had no alcohol gel to accompany

The measures called for by the “A Pão e Água” movement could have been revealed on Friday to the President of the Republic, or at least, so the protesters hoped. However, they were surprised to be received by two advisers. In addition to the absence of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, José Gouveia recalls that “at the Presidency house we were received, the fever was not measured, the gel alcohol was not indicated, the cards were not disinfected when we gave them, they were not disinfected when we returned them” . "We just needed to be told not to wear a mask because there was no virus there" he stressed.

On the experience, Ljubomir Stanisic is disappointed with the President of the Republic and stresses that “he has respect for Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, but to be respected it is necessary to respect others and that is not happening”. "We are not doing this to touch anyone's feelings, we are fighting for the nation's freedom," said Ljubomir Stanisic.

As for the prime minister, the 'chef' says that “I don't want to call you personally, because this is a civil, humanitarian act and you have to come and talk to us”. "Dear António, we have known each other for a long time, for God's sake, it's time, he goes to our restaurants to eat and drink" praised the chef.

Night sector without work for nine months 

The protesters promise to maintain the hunger strike and carry it to its ultimate consequences. “I don't come home without a solution, I know it's the limit, a very big challenge, it's going to be more difficult than I thought”, assumed JE Alberto Cabral, owner of six clubs closed nine months ago in the north, in the Porto, in Espinho, Santa Maria da Feira, Chaves, Vila Real and Bragança.

He remembers that he tried to adapt the spaces in order to be able to reopen them, but “when he was doing the works, the Prime Minister decided to reduce the hours to 22”. "Right now I'm at the limit, my colleagues and I are at the limit, everyone, there is no longer any condition to retain 18 employees and without any support from the Government", he guarantees.

“We have not been working for nine months, how did the politicians of our country manage to endure what I endured, nine months paying 18 employees, paying rent, paying water, paying electricity”, asks Alberto Cabral.

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'A Pão e Água' movement asks the President of the Republic for support and starts a hunger strike

The Movement Survive Bread and Water, which brings together businessmen and catering workers and the like, this Friday called on the President of the Republic to “urgently intercede in favor of the sector”, with some members starting a hunger strike.

"The weekends were our oxygen". Catering businesspeople from across the country demonstrate today in front of Parliament

Restoration businessmen will protest this Wednesday in Lisbon against the restrictions imposed in the State of Emergency. They reject credit lines and require non-repayable support.

Movement “On bread and water” demonstrates in front of Parliament next Wednesday

Restoration businesspeople demonstrate again in Lisbon. Movement says that 40 buses will arrive from all over the country. The chosen day has an “increased symbolism that is the limit day for the payment of taxes to the state, at a time of clear despair and uncertainty” for businessmen and workers, says the movement.

Covid-19: PCP wants 100% support for parents “immediately and with retroactive effects”

Speaking at a public session in Lisbon, Jerónimo de Sousa lamented that “PS, PSD and CDS-PP” rejected in the Assembly of the Republic the proposal of the PCP that provided “the payment of 100% salary to those who are assisting children until at 16, while schools remain closed ”, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19: Catarina Martins calls on Costa to extend the moratoriums

“I leave this appeal to António Costa today: do not wait until it is too late, do not wait for the evictions and bankruptcies to start. The moratoriums have to be extended now ”, in a mostly virtual rally that marked the end of the online municipal conference and the 22 years of BE, which celebrates its foundation on Sunday.

Covid-19: A hundred anti-confinement protesters in Lisbon

To Lusa, Commissioner Santos, from the PSP, said that the concentration, promoted by the Habeas Corpus Movement, associated with Jurists for Truth, came to gather “about one hundred people”, around 13:00 pm, and that half an hour ago there would still be 35 demonstrators on the spot.