Deputies still do not know who are the candidates to work with European prosecutor José Guerra

The European Affairs Committee of the Assembly of the Republic will inquire as of Tuesday four candidates for the two posts of European delegated prosecutor. Questions are expected about their opinion of José Guerra's controversial choice.

Members of the European Affairs Commission who are going to question four elements of the Public Prosecutor's Office next week for the two places of delegated European prosecutors who will work directly with European prosecutor José Guerra are still unaware of the candidates' identities. According to what the Jornal Económico found, the delay in the disclosure of the four names is causing some surprise among some members of that parliamentary committee.

The inquiries in the Assembly of the Republic should take place on two consecutive days, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it is certain that the opinion of the future European delegated prosecutors regarding the controversial process that led to the choice of José Guerra will eventually be requested by some deputies.

Realizing “how comfortable they are” working directly with a European prosecutor whose choice will have been influenced by errors in the curriculum, in a process that led to the dismissal of the Justice Policy Director-General of the Ministry of Justice, Miguel Romão, will be a the priorities of the European Affairs Committee,

The controversy surrounding the information sent to Brussels to justify the choice of José Guerra, at the expense of Ana Carla Almeida, considered the best candidate for the post by a European committee of experts, led the Minister of Justice, Francisca Van Dunem, to render clarifications to Members of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. On that occasion, the minister said that she considered resigning due to errors in José Guerra's professional career, but ended up concluding that she was able to remain in office.

Francisca Van Dunem also said that the Government limited itself to agreeing with the appointment of the Superior Council for the Public Prosecutor when Ana Carla Almeida passed in favor of José Guerra.


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