Dombrovskis: "It is feasible that Portugal could be one of the first countries to have the recovery plan approved"

In an interview with Jornal Económico, the vice-president of the European Commission says that the draft of the Portuguese Recovery Plan “goes in the right direction”, emphasizing that the community executive continues to work with the Government in the component of the plan's reforms.

Valdis Dombrovskis, vice-president of the European Commission, in an interview with Jornal Económico, says that the draft the Recovery Plan delivered by Portugal to Brussels goes in the right direction and could be one of the first to be approved, noting that the community executive continues to “collaborate” with the Portuguese Government on the component of the reforms provided for in the draft.

"What we are seeing is going in the right direction and it is feasible that Portugal can be among the first countries whose plan is going to be approved", says the executive vice president of the European Commission, responsible for the portfolio An Economy at the Service of People, on the sidelines the visit to Lisbon with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and seven other members of the College of Commissioners.

To JE, the vice-president of the European Commission explains that he cannot make detailed comments on the plan, “because we are negotiating with the Portuguese authorities in the preparation of the plan”, but says that “Portugal is among the countries that work hard on the plan and wants to be among the first to get approval ”.

“That is why we are very involved. I would say that the project is largely in line with the priorities established in the evaluation of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism ”, he stresses, noting that“ the green and digital goals represent 37% and 20% and are also linked to the European semester and the country-specific recommendations ”.

Valdis Dombrovskis highlights in a general assessment of the drafts of the recovery plans already delivered, that on the part of many Member States “the investment parts of the plans are already better developed than the reform plans, so we continue to collaborate with the authorities Portuguese also in this part of the reform ”.

Portugal delivered the draft Recovery Plan to Brussels in October, but the final version will only have to be delivered in April.

In December, after several stalemates, European leaders finally reached agreement on the long-term budget of the European Union and the Recovery Fund, with European authorities only awaiting ratification by the national parliaments of the Member States of the decision on own resources. , which will allow the European Commission to go to the markets to finance the Recovery Plan.

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