"Donald Trump wants a deal not to be accused," says former spokesman Scaramucci

On a panel at the Web Summit, the former spokesman who became critical said that Donald Trump wants to do "as much damage as humanly possible" to get an immunity deal. Strategists on both sides of the political spectrum said that Trump's reaction to the results has caused unnecessary distraction.

Donald Trump's reactions to the outcome of the presidential election were analyzed Wednesday at the Web Summit, with a former White House spokesman, a political strategist close to Joe Biden and the CEO of a pro-republican communications company explain the motivations and consequences of the still-president's behavior.

Donald Trump did not concede defeat to Biden, not accepting the results that give him 232 votes in electoral colleges compared to the Democrat's 306. The Republican has said since election day that Democrats are committing a “big fraud” and has initiated legal remedies in several key states, to no avail.

At the technological summit (which usually takes place in Lisbon, but this year is 100% online due to the pandemic), journalist Philip Crowther, from the Associated Press, started a panel entitled "Did the right man win the elections in the USA?" when asking how Trump should behave at this point.

Anthony Scaramucci, who had a brief visit to the White House as a spokesman in 2017, just 11 days old, having been fired for publicly criticizing two key people in the White House at the time - chief of staff Reince Priebus and strategist Steve Bannon - was the first to respond.

“Let's talk about what he [Trump] wants. He wants an agreement for him and his family not to be legally accused. This is better than a pardon, because forgiveness is for a crime for which a person has to be indicted, ”said Scaramucci. "He wants an agreement in the state of New York, in New York City and at the federal level."

For Scaramucci, what Trump is doing now "is to cause as much damage as humanly possible, to get that deal." The advice he has for the former boss is simple: "I would tell him to pick up the phone and tell Joe Biden exactly what he wants".

Ben Pounder, co-founder and CEO of America Rising Corporation, a communications company whose mission, explained on the website, is "to help clients defeat Democrats," explained Trump's reaction as a political strategy, but one that is not exempt damage to Republicans.

"Donald Trump has always strived to show himself as a fighter, so he is running out of options and we knew that was how it was going to be," he added. "For his grassroots constituency, showing that he is a fighter, trying to win is part of the equation of how he views the coming years."

“Everything he did in the last few weeks was part of that equation,” he said, stressing however that “from the point of view of the message of the Republican party in general, it is a kind of distraction from what was otherwise a very night. good for Republicans and that message is getting a little bit in the shade ”.

For Sheila Nix, president of Tusk Philantropies, linked to the Joe Biden campaign and former chief of staff to Jill Biden, Donald Trump's behavior is “dangerous, because there is no precedent for such a transition”.

Nix said, however, that "luckily Joe Biden is the right person to deal with difficult times, which is why he won and why his presence was soothing before the elections and also in this period afterwards".

"It would be ideal to see Trump conceding defeat, but that cannot be a distraction for us, as we have to focus on the work that needs to be done and on solving our country's problems," he stressed.

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