PremiumDuarte de Athayde: "Despite the crisis, our turnover rose 13%"

The managing partner of Abreu Advogados states that, despite the brake that the restrictions caused, the company had an increase of at least 18% in the collection of fees.

O managing partner from Abreu Advogados warns that the new general confinement is more worrying, because in March and April, companies had more strength to support the paralysis of economic activities. Duarte de Athayde fears that these restrictions will "have a much more devastating effect" than last year.

“It is different to stop the train in March, when it is at full speed, than to stop in January 2021. We now have a pickup, at a time when companies are not cruising, they closed the year in December and are start again, ”he said in an interview with Jornal Económico (JE). The lawyer fears that if confinement is prolonged and lasts more than a month it will be “a reduced year”, with only nine months of business.

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An industrial patent plan for Portugal

The German example occurs when thinking about enhancing economic recovery, but for that, industrial culture will have to become more proactive and anticipate, planning and adopting an innovation protection plan.

Vieira de Almeida receives Euronext distinction for the 10th consecutive year

Since the creation of the 'Euronext Lisbon Awards' in 2011, the award has always been awarded to VdA, as recognition of the most active law firm in the capital markets managed by Euronext Lisbon, considering the amounts and the number of bond issues there. listed.

Bastonário de Advogados considers a special expropriation regime unconstitutional

The president states that the Constitution states that "requisition and expropriation for public benefit can only be carried out based on the law and upon payment of fair compensation".