PremiumEpidemiologists and teachers applaud closure of schools

Schools are closed for 15 days. Experts say the measure is a “hard brake”. Teachers support decision and ask for post-confinement measures.

The Government announced this Thursday the closure of schools of all levels of education to curb the contagion of Covid-19. At issue is the increase in the prevalence of the new British strain, which is more contagious, which has skyrocketed from 8% to 20% of new cases. The closure of schools will continue for the next 15 days and was applauded by epidemiologists and teachers, heard by Jornal Económico (JE), who say that the measure is "necessary" and "urgent" to put a "brake on the bottom" contagions.

To JE, the epidemiologist and president of the National Association of Public Health Doctors, Ricardo Mexia, considers that the closure of schools is an “important” measure to break the chains of contagion, taking into account that the risk is not only associated with classes itself, but “all mobilization” by parents to take children and young people to schools. "As we are in an unsustainable situation, all measures that can contribute to reducing the number of contagions are relevant and must be used", considers Ricardo Mexia.

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Anacom studies prove that mobile internet performance is worse in rural areas

With the use of teleworking and distance learning, following the state of emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic, the topic of Internet access has been on the agenda, with several complaints about the difficulties in some regions of the country in access 'online'.

Minister of Economy: "We will obviously have to reinforce support for companies and employment"

Pedro Siza Vieira announced this Saturday night in a radio interview that the Support Program will be strengthened and extended. The measures will be announced next week.

Covid-19: PCP wants 100% support for parents “immediately and with retroactive effects”

Speaking at a public session in Lisbon, Jerónimo de Sousa lamented that “PS, PSD and CDS-PP” rejected in the Assembly of the Republic the proposal of the PCP that provided “the payment of 100% salary to those who are assisting children until at 16, while schools remain closed ”, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.