Fauci says Joe Biden lets “science speak” as opposed to Trump

"The idea that I can come here and talk about what science is, is a liberating feeling," said Anthony Fauci.

Joe Biden revealed comprehensive measures to combat Covid-19 on his first day in office as President of the United States. American immunologist Anthony Fauci, who was consulted on the matter, praised his new chief's willingness to "let science speak" in contrast to the Trump administration.

"The idea that I can come here and talk about what science is, is a liberating feeling," said Anthony Fauci. According to "Reuters", this Friday, January 22, the immunologist guarantees that with Biden it is possible to let "science speak".

Anthony Fauci says that “one of the novelties in this government is that if they don't have the answer, they don't guess. Suffice it to say that the answer is not known ”. The doctor pointed out that the United States was still in a "very serious situation" with the virus, but data from the past seven days suggested that the rate of infections was stabilizing. Anthony Fauci stressed that if 70% to 80% of Americans are vaccinated by the end of the summer, the country may experience "a degree of normality" in the fall.

On Thursday, Joe Biden decreed the use of masks at airports and on some public transport, including many trains, planes and intercity buses. "Experts say using a mask from now until April could save more than 50.000 lives," said the US president.

In addition to the use of masks, the US government will expand the production of vaccines, as well as the purchasing power of more vaccines, "taking full advantage of contractual authorities, including the Defense Production Act". Joe Biden also rescinded the departure of Americans from the World Health Organization, which had been planned by Donald Trump.


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