“We do a permanent reassessment”: Government is aligned with Marcelo's statement

Minister of Internal Administration says that the Government is “permanently reassessing both the evolution of the pandemic and the measures that are necessary to safeguard its adequacy and proportionality”.


The Minister of Internal Administration assured that the Government is in line with the statement by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who this Sunday did not rule out the need for tighter restriction measures. Eduardo Cabrita stressed that the Executive is making a “permanent reassessment” of the situation.

“What we do is a permanent reassessment both of the evolution of the pandemic and of the measures that are necessary to safeguard its adequacy and proportionality. I think that was the meaning of the statement by the President of the Republic, with which we are totally in agreement ”, said the government official this Sunday in statements to journalists, transmitted by RTP3, after leaving a polling station in Barreiro.

The minister added that “we do this review always. We have been doing it since March ”, stressing that the Government has“ permanently made an adjustment that is difficult and demanding in Portugal as in any country in the world, between what is the need to guarantee the appropriate sanitary measures, fight the pandemic, defend the response capacity of the National Health Service and what is the safeguard whenever possible of the economy, of life in society ”, noting that tomorrow it will once again bring together the monitoring structure of the State of Emergency.

Cabrita praises the electoral participation of the Portuguese in the early vote

The Minister of Internal Administration highlighted “the great commitment of the Portuguese to democratic participation”, alluding to the turnout at the ballot box throughout the country to exercise the vote on mobility and the early vote.

“I see an enthusiasm here in these elections, in those almost 250 thousand Portuguese who registered for early voting, expresses the joy of voting similar to the joy of voting in the first democratic elections”, he said, considering that “it means that in very difficult times, in times when we are all focused on fighting the pandemic, we must also affirm the values ​​of democracy. What we register at the table where I just voted to participate is already over 75% of registered citizens is a great desire to participate ”.

The minister also showed “recognition” by “all the Portuguese who registered to participate in this electoral act, all the municipalities in the country that in collaboration with the electoral administration” and who “are building the system that multiplies more than four times the previous one maximum registration of participation in the framework of early voting in mobility, and also the thousands of elements in polling stations and all the people that throughout the country today contributed to the realization of this electoral act ”.

“There are a very significant number of people, about half of those who signed up for the mobile vote are people who are using the faculty to vote in a different county than the one in which they are registered. Probably, if it were not for this opportunity, most of them would not even participate in the electoral act ", he stressed, stressing that" the health rules have been respected to guarantee the full security of the vote ".

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