Huawei founder considers United States a “technology beacon”

Joe Biden succeeded Donald Trump in the White House, but the claims of the 46th US president in the case of Huawei are not known. The Chinese company also never commented on its prospects for the new American administration.

Founder and CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei

The founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, considers that the United States remains a "technology beacon" that should be followed, according to the content of a letter from Zhengfei to the company's workers, quoted this Friday, 22 January, by “Reuters”. The missive dates from June 2020, but is the first to be shared at a time when the Biden administration is starting work. Washington still maintains restrictions on the company.

Despite having the technology of Uncle Sam in good account, according to Reuters, the letter from the founder of the Chinese giant points out that the American actions penalized Huawei, whose strategy revealed "great incompatibility" with the company's response capabilities . "The company will have to reevaluate some product lines and consider cutting some products and employees that are unproductive", reads the letter.

Ren's letter also states that, although the company will keep its salary structure unchanged for the next three to five years, hundreds of senior “cadres” have voluntarily agreed to lower their pay.

Joe Biden succeeded Donald Trump in the White House, but the 46th US president’s claims regarding the Huawei case are not known. Huawei also never commented on its prospects for the new US administration. The fact is that Donald Trump has made the Chinese company a target, accusing it of representing a cybersecurity risk, and launched an international campaign for allied countries to block the company, within the scope of 5G. In Europe, Sweden and the United Kingdom have banned Huawei from the new mobile network.

In addition, the company is on a "black list" by the US Department of Commerce, an organization that days before Trump left the Oval Office notified North American Huawei suppliers, such as Intel, warning that it would revoke licenses for them to work with the Chinese company.


U.S. notifies US companies to revoke licenses to work with Huawei

Despite being at the White House's exit door, Donald Trump remains committed to weakening Huawei, the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, by considering the company as a threat to American security.

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