GNR identifies owner of restaurant where Chega dinner-rally was held in Braga

The owner of the restaurant where the dinner-rally was held with more than 170 people, this Sunday in Braga, was identified by GNR at the Braga Court.

The National Republican Guard (GNR) announced that it identified the owner of the restaurant where the restaurant where the Chega candidate for the presidential elections was held, this Sunday, January 17, was identified to the justice of the Braga district.

According to the statement released, this Monday, the GNR guarantees that "it followed the event, seeking, in particular, to safeguard the maintenance of public order, which has come to pass".

At the end of the event, the authorities inform that approximately 170 people participated, “where meals were served, having the owner of the establishment identified as such in order to prepare the respective file and send it to the Public Ministry of the Judicial Court of Braga, for the investigation of any illegal acts that may have occurred ”.

Although he received a negative opinion from the Regional Health Administration of the North (ARS Norte), André Ventura gathered 170 people without distancing in a room with about 450 square meters and without ventilation, in an establishment in Braga, this Sunday.

The organization of the dinner-rally of the presidential candidate and leader of Chega, held at the restaurant “Solar do Paço”, in Tebosa, in the municipality of Braga, assured the journalists present that the event had received authorization from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) . However, an official source from ARS-Norte assured the online newspaper “Observer”That had given an“ unfavorable opinion ”to the event.

This Monday, the candidate did not attend the last presidential debate, justifying that it is in campaign in the North of the country. The candidate of Bloco de Esquerda, Marisa Matias pointed out that André Ventura was not present in the radio debate, so as not to have to “justify the non-compliance with DGS rules during the campaign”.

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