Government has already paid 268 million euros to companies through the program

“We have, in the accumulation of the first and second tranche, about 268 million euros paid,” said João Neves.

The Government has already paid around 268 million euros to companies in the two tranches of the program, aimed at the sectors most affected by the pandemic, the Secretary of State for Economy advanced to Lusa this Thursday.

"We have, in the accumulation of the first and second tranche, about 268 million euros paid," said João Neves, speaking to Lusa.

Launched in 2020, the program awards non-refundable subsidies to companies with billing losses resulting from measures to mitigate the risk of contagion by covid-19.

Following the last Council of Ministers, it was decided to anticipate payments for the second tranche.

Thus, since Monday and until today, payments were made to “about 15 thousand companies, in the amount of 77 million euros”.

This amount adds up to the 191 million euros settled under the first tranche, totaling 268 million euros. "This is the attempt to respond to the difficult circumstances that a group of sectors is going through", underlined, João Neves.

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