Portuguese government ensures contact with the Commission on deliveries of Pfizer vaccine

The Portuguese government is attentive to the delivery process of Pfizer vaccines on the European continent, after the pharmaceutical company announced that it would make fewer vaccines available as production increases.

The Portuguese Government says it will maintain contact with the European Commission after Friday's afternoon meeting, which also involved representatives from all Member States, where the plan to recover supplies of the vaccine provided by Pfizer was presented together with BioNTech.

In a statement, the national executive said that the quantities of the next deliveries at this meeting were confirmed, after the pharmaceutical company announced this Friday that deliveries in Europe will be delayed due to the need to increase the production of the drug. The European Union has already secured the purchase of over 300 million doses of the product earlier this month, which even raised expectations of possible anticipation in vaccination processes at national level.

The Ministry of Health also makes it known that, despite this unforeseen event, the inoculation campaign will continue and the second doses will begin to be administered next Sunday “to the almost 30 thousand health professionals in priority contexts of hospitals and primary health care”.

This Friday, Portugal recorded new highs of deaths in 24 hours, regretting 159 deaths related to Covid-19, on the day the country entered a new general confinement, in the face of the rampant increase in cases. The new confirmed cases of infection were 10.663.


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Covid-19 puts pharmaceutical logistics to the test

Pandemia has exposed the weaknesses in the sector's supply chains and is testing the ability to deliver medicines to those who need them. In the case of vaccines against Covid-19, the challenge will be to make them reach billions of people worldwide, in a timely manner.

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