Joe Biden warns of 100 more Covid-19 deaths in the United States by next month

The incumbent president says that the pandemic will worsen before it gets better and that it will “take several months” before the increase in new cases and deaths stabilizes. Until next month, Joe Biden anticipates that Covid-19 deaths will reach 500 deaths.

Charlie Neibergall

Covid-19 will kill at least 100 more Americans by the end of next month. There have been about 500 Covid-19 deaths in the United States since the pandemic began.

The warning was given by President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday, who added that the United States will continue to see a sharp increase in new cases during the same period. In the last 24 hours, Johns Hopkins University recorded 24.611.923 cases (more 192.079 infected) and 409.667 deaths (more 4.045 dead) making the country the most affected by the pandemic.

“We didn't get into this mess overnight. It will take months for things to go well, ”said Joe Biden at his first press conference as president.

The new White House tenant also called for lowering expectations about the vaccination process in the territory, warning that "the pure and hard truth is that it will take months before most Americans are vaccinated," he said, ensuring that its administration is, however, preparing for an “aggressive, safe and effective vaccination campaign” that will allow 100 Americans to be vaccinated in their first 100 days at the White House.

This strategy may not be enough since, according to data from the US Department of Disease Control and Prevention, 912,497 doses of the vaccine were administered daily last week.

Asked if this goal was ambitious enough, the president replied: “When I announced the measure everyone said it was not possible. Have patience, ”he said.

Joe Biden took office on January 20, at a time when the death toll from Covid-19 reached a new peak. On the eve of the inauguration, the United States surpassed the barrier of 400 thousand deaths, totaling 400,726 deaths.

The pressure for a stronger approach to pandemic management in the country comes in the wake of its predecessor Donald Trump who, during his tenure, ensured that the United States was in a position to beat the virus.

“The truth is that we are still experiencing a black winter in this pandemic. It will get worse before it gets better and it will take a few months before we get to where we have to go, ”he said firmly.


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