Kai-fu Lee predicts that jobs in fast-food and telemarketing chains will be replaced by AI

The former president of Google China, considered one of the greatest AI specialists in the world, was at the Web Summit, where he referred to Europe's “reluctance” to abdicate privacy even if it is for “something very important, such as health and safety. safety".

Kai-Fu Lee, one of the world's most recognized experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), took advantage of the “stage” of the Web Summit this Wednesday to warn of Europe's resistance to pandemic tracking applications (contact tracing).

“It is a subject that continues to be challenging for Europe, where Covid-19 is spreading. Part of this is due to the reluctance to give up privacy even if it is for something very important, such as health and safety ”, said the chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures.

The statements of the former president of Google China were made on the panel “The future of AI, and AI for good”, Moderated by the executive director of semiconductor company ARM Limited, Simon Segars, for whom AI has moved from“ a research topic ”to“ technology that impacts all businesses ”.

“I am very excited to see that more data is developing new technology”, highlighted the author of renowned works such as “AI"And"AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order".

Kai-fu Lee admitted that one of the biggest transformations - and even surprises - has been the “wonderful” work that Chinese scientists have done in terms of research, producing reports that stand out among their peers. "Despite the geopolitical situation, Chinese, European, North American scientists continue to work together and I hope that this continues to be the case," he said.

As expected, the impact of AI on the labor market was one of the themes of this conversation. Kai-fu Lee recalled that these technologies, machine learning ao , assist doctors and businessmen, but explained that there are routine jobs that will inevitably be replaced, such as employees of fast food or telemarketing professionals who use a template to contact potential customers. Therefore, he advises those who have routine and predictable jobs to think about what positions they may occupy, since “AI will also create many jobs”.

For the co-chairman of the AI ​​council of the World Economic Forum, there are two areas that have been boosted by the pandemic: health care and education, with online classes and virtual teachers that go beyond ordinary school topics and teach, for example, music. “Education is a key to AI,” maintained the face of AI as we know it today.

The venture capital company that Kai-fu Lee leads, based in Beijing, invests in the technology sector, has around 300 companies in its portfolio - including seven unicorns - and manages $ 2 billion in funds (approximately $ 1,7 billion). , XNUMX billion euros).

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