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Forum for Competitiveness estimates a fall of up to 8,5% of GDP in the first quarter

“The stricter confinement, added to self-confinement, will have had a marked economic impact, visible in the first indicators of the year. In tourism, there was a deterioration of expectations, already without hope in relation to Easter ”, argues the entity.

Lisbon Protects. Autarchy provides 20 million support to companies as of today

This phase of the program is budgeted at 35 million euros, of which 20 million are for entrepreneurs with a revenue breakdown of more than 25% in the first three quarters of last year or in all quarters.

Public debt retreated in January after reaching historic high

Debt decreased by 600 million between December and January, reflecting “essentially amortizations of debt securities, in the amount of 0,3 billion euros, and the reduction of deposit liabilities in the amount of 0,2 billion”, according to the Portugal's bank.