Marcelo had 630 thousand more spectators in the debates, but Ventura gave more audiences to direct opponents

Current President of the Republic was the candidate who had the most debates broadcast on generalist channels, which contributed to his advantage. Chega's leader, Ana Gomes, Marisa Matias and João Ferreira had four debates each on RTP1, SIC or TVI.

André Ventura e Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa em debate

The President of the Republic and candidate for re-election for a second term Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reached 6,3 million viewers in the seven televised debates in which he participated, benefiting from the fact that all were broadcast on generalist channels (except for face to face with Vitorino Silva), with an advantage of almost 630 thousand spectators over André Ventura. However, the leader and sole deputy of Chega, who only had four debates on generalist channels, was the opponent who gave the best audience to four opponents (Marcelo, Ana Gomes, Marisa Matias and Vitorino Silva), which contributed to reaching 5,7, XNUMX million viewers.

According to data from GfK, which counted the average audience of all debates - including Tuesday's, on RTP1, in which all candidates participated -, the former socialist MEP Ana Gomes was distant from Marcelo and Ventura, with a total 4,1 million viewers, followed by the blockade MEP Marisa Matias, with 3,5 million, and the communist MEP João Ferreira, with 2,9 million. The three candidates seeking to attract the left-wing electorate also had four debates each on a generalist channel.

Quite behind, with a total of just 1,7 million viewers, came Tiago Mayan Gonçalves, a candidate supported by the Liberal Initiative, who was only on an open channel face to face with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and in the debate with seven. Finally, Vitorino Silva, president of the RIR - Reunir Integrar Reciclar party, which is known by the nickname “Tino de Rans”, was just over 1,3 million viewers, the debate with the other candidates being the only one that did not pass only in RTP3. And it will no longer be able to improve this result, since the Regulatory Entity for Social Communication accepted the complaint presented by the PCP and canceled the debates that Porto Canal had scheduled with Vitorino Silva and the other participants in the elections scheduled for January 24th.

The three debates with the highest average audience had André Ventura as the common denominator, the most viewed being the one that opposed Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at SIC and SIC Notícias, with a total of 1.838.752 people, followed by face to face with Marisa Matias (also at SIC and SIC Notícias, seen by 1.551.707) and with Ana Gomes (at TVI and TVI 24, seen by 1.284.098). And he also starred in the debate broadcast only on cable channels by the largest audience, when he was seen by an average of 223.873 viewers face to face with Vitorino Silva, broadcast by RTP3.

Above the barrier of the million average audience viewers were two debates by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa: with Ana Gomes, on RTP1 and RTP3 (1.078.027), and with João Ferreira, on TVI and TVI24 (1.078.012). Less followed were those who opposed the current President of the Republic to Marisa Matias (887.084, on RTP 1 and RTP3), Tiago Mayan Gonçalves (693.496, on RTP 1 and RTP3) and Vitorino Silva (208.539, only on RTP3)

Quite limited, due to the duration and the late hour that elapsed, it was the average audience of the only televised debate that brought together all the presidential candidates (although Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa participated by videoconference, due to the lack of authorization from the General Directorate of Health to participate, following a positive Covid-19 test, followed by two negative tests), which did not exceed 544.358 viewers, according to GfK

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