PremiumMarcelo beats Ana Gomes in winning the support of 'notable' socialists

Leading mayors and ex-rulers want re-election. Pedro Nuno Santos is with a former MEP. João Ferreira and Marisa Matias also have support.

The latest list of socialists announcing support for Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa confirmed the signal given by António Costa on May 13, 2020, when he declared on a visit to Autoeuropa that he hoped to return there with him the following year, at the beginning of the second term. Despite not revealing his vote, advising against government intervention in the campaign and giving PS militants freedom to choose any candidate “other than the extreme right”, it was implicit how much he wants the re-election of the head of state.

It is not surprising that, reflecting a much broader base than the PSD and CDS - which will once again declare support, as in 2016 -, Marcelo has with him the presidents of the three most populous municipalities in the country, with Fernando Medina ( Lisbon), Basílio Horta (Sintra) and Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues (Vila Nova de Gaia) leading a list of mayors that includes Manuel Machado, Mayor of Coimbra and the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities.

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