Marques Mendes defends that Government should reduce the confinement exceptions

The political commentator praised the Government's decision to go ahead with confinement and keep schools open, however he considers that there are too many restrictions and that the measures decided last week could have been taken earlier.

Political commentator Luís Marques Mendes defended that the Executive, which will meet this Monday to evaluate the restriction measures announced last week, should reduce the exceptions foreseen, although he also appealed to the civic conscience of the population to contribute to flatten the situation. new cases curve.

“There are exceptions to these measures again. There are more exceptions. It is not just in quantitative terms. The exceptions are huge ”, said the lawyer this Sunday in the usual comment space in Sic, confirming that the ban on the sale of drinks to the wicket and the possibility of opening leisure centers for children up to 12 years old will advance tomorrow in Council of Ministers.

Marques Mendes argued, however, that the Government should "also more accurately assess the exceptions it created" and "reduce them because people are having a very broad, creative interpretation".

“There must also be civic responsibility for each one of us. The situation is really dramatic and it will get worse in the next few days ", he added, stressing that" with this mini-confinement, very smooth, we do not solve the problems of hospitals, after instead of being confined for 30 days, we are for 60 days ”.

Recognizing that “at this moment, being a government must be a very difficult task”, the political commentator evaluated the government's decision as positive, justifying that “with these numbers we have there was no alternative” and that “anything that is said in the opposite direction is demagogy ”, giving the example of hospitals in pre-catastrophes, giving a positive note to the fact that schools remain open. He also praised the decision to keep schools open, underlining that “stopping schools for two consecutive academic years is fatal for students and young people in terms of learning”, as well as the announced support for the economy.

However, he also pointed out negative aspects, namely what he says was the “facilitation on the part of the government accompanied by political parties at Christmas”, “the waste of time in decision-making” and that “there was no reason why the measures had taken last week ”.

“Just by luck, these measures announced by the government are sufficient for the dramatic situation we are in. This confinement is clearly not the same as in March, ”he said.

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