Mercadão will recruit 200 more people to respond to growth in deliveries

The marketplace, which, among others, provides the Pingo Doce service, currently has around 700 shoppers, more than half of whom were recruited during the first confinement.

The marketplace for fast deliveries, Mercadão announced, this Wednesday, that it will recruit 200 more people to reinforce the operation. The operators aim to integrate the delivery service in the areas of greater Lisbon, including Sintra and the south bank of the Tagus, the great Porto, Coimbra, Évora, Algarve and also Funchal.

The brand, which is present in about 100 cities and has eight stores available, including Pingo Doce, Decathlon and Odisseias, currently has about 700 shoppers, of which 450 were recruited and trained during the first confinement, due to increased demand.

“Our service maintains a strong pace of growth, so we believe that this is the ideal time to increase the Mercadão team. We want to integrate new shoppers, reinforce the availability of our service and continue to add new reference retailers to the 'marketplace' ”, says the CEO, Gonçalo Soares da Costa, in a statement sent to the newsrooms.

Born in 2018, to deliver two hours to Pingo Doce and other retailers, Mercadão is an e-commerce service, based on 'personal shoppers', who are in charge of orders from beginning to end, ensuring “the choice of the best products in store and the quality of deliveries ”.

The brand is distinguished by personalized purchases and quick deliveries: just two hours after placing the order, the customer receives it at the door.


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