Nadia Calviño could be Centeno's successor in the Eurogroup

The President of the European Council, the Belgian Charles Michel, was the first European personality to react to the dismissal of Mário Centeno, having thanked the effort made by the Portuguese at the head of the Eurogroup.

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As might be expected, the foreign press centered Mário Centeno's departure from the Portuguese government around the doubts that arise in terms of his re-election to the presidency of the Eurogroup. The doubt ended up disappearing after the ex-minister informed, via Twitter, that he will not run again, which led the newspaper 'El Pais', perhaps the first to give the news out of doors, recalling that the Spanish minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, has been an alternative to Centeno for that place for several weeks. The newspaper left in the air the possibility that his resignation from the Portuguese government raised the expectations of a successful candidacy on the part of the Spanish minister.

“Mário Centeno, the man who managed to restore Portugal's financial credibility in Europe, leaves the government of António Costa. Centeno leaves the Portuguese Ministry of Finance a month before submitting candidacies for the presidency of the Eurogroup, which is still led by the Portuguese politician. Centeno was due to announce on Wednesday whether he aspired to renew his mandate at the head of the Eurogroup. The name of Spain's Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, has been heard for this position for months. But we will have to wait a few weeks to see who presents himself as a candidate and with what support ”, writes the Spanish newspaper.

Meanwhile, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, thanked Mário Centeno for his “hard work” in Europe and underlined that the Eurogroup must continue its work with a view to a strong recovery of the European economy. "Thank you, Mário Centeno, for your hard work as president of the Eurogroup and for your excellent cooperation," wrote Charles Michel in his official Twitter account.

Charles Michel was the first leader of the European Union institutions to react to Mário Centeno's announcement that he is leaving the leadership of the Eurozone finance ministers' forum, following his decision to also leave the post of finance minister in the Portuguese government.

The Italian newspaper 'La Repubblica' wrote that “Centeno will not run for reconfirmation for a second term at the helm of the coordination of finance ministers in the Eurozone. The Portuguese minister has held the position of president of the Eurogroup since January 2018 and his term of office would expire at the end of June. “My term as president of the Eurogroup will end on 13 July. I will inform colleagues on Thursday about my decision not to run for a second term, since on June 15 I will step down as Minister of Finance in Portugal, ”wrote Centeno on Twitter.

The Dutchman 'The Telegraaf' made similar news, but added - pointing out that Centeno replaced the Dutchman Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who the country's finance minister, Wopke Hoekstra, is not available to succeed the Portuguese.

The Reuters agency was more sparse when reporting the departure of Mário Centeno, having only mentioned that “The Portuguese Finance Minister, credited for reversing long-standing austerity policies and at the same time achieving the country's first budget surplus in 45 years , will resign on June 15, said the president [Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa] this Tuesday ”.

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"Thank you Mário Centeno for the good work as president of the Eurogroup and for the excellent cooperation", wrote Belgian Charles MIchel on Twitter.

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