Nuno Melo appointed European Parliament rapporteur for the digitization of justice

In a statement, Nuno Melo points out that the regulation in question will “make justice faster, easier and closer to the citizen”.

Nuno Melo | Cristina Bernardo

MEP Nuno Melo, elected by the CDS-PP lists, was appointed European Parliament's rapporteur for the digitization of justice, this Monday was announced. The centrist, who is a member of the European Parliament Committee on Justice and Home Affairs, will lead the negotiations and work on drafting the e-Codex regulation.

The e-Codex regulation is based on a computerized communication system in cross-border civil and criminal cases (e-Codex system), the purpose of which is to promote the digitization of cross-border legal proceedings, paving the way for a secure electronic data transmission between the judicial authorities of the States Member States of the European Union.

In a statement, Nuno Melo points out that the regulation in question will “make justice faster, easier and closer to the citizen”, with the approval and implementation of e-Codex having “an impact in the fight against cross-border crime”, a cooperation between the authorities.

"The system will also facilitate citizens to exercise their right to an effective remedy and a fair trial, since electronic communication and the transmission of documents facilitates and speeds up the judicial process", reads.

The statement states that one of the priorities of the Portuguese presidency of the European Union, which took off on January 1, is the use of new technologies in the area of ​​justice, through the “interoperability of European legislation and judicial systems and the IT systems of the Member States , as well as civil liability issues arising from its use ”. A European conference on e-Justice is scheduled to take place in April in Lisbon.

This is not the first time that Nuno Melo is the rapporteur of a proposal in the area of ​​justice, having already been the rapporteur of a proposal that provides for the interoperability of the European Union's information systems, as well as another proposal on the order of production and preservation of electronic evidence (this is still under negotiation with the European Council).

Nuno Melo has been in the European Parliament since 2009, always elected by the CDS-PP lists. The MEP is part of a group of the European People's Party, which also includes MEPs elected by the PSD lists.

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