Forcing private distance education to stop is a “totalitarian” and “Marxist” measure, says Rui Rio

The president of the PSD considers that the suspension of online classes in private education “has nothing to do with defending the public interest” and “much less with defending public health”. "It is the left at its worst," he says.

Manuel de Almeida / LUSA

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Rui Rio, criticized this Friday the Government's decision to force private distance education to stop during the next 15 days. The Social Democratic leader considers that the measure "has nothing to do with defending the public interest" and "much less with defending public health", and classifies it as "a totalitarian measure with a Marxist profile".

“The prohibition of digital classes in private education is a totalitarian measure with a Marxist profile. It has nothing to do with defending the public interest, let alone defending public health. It is the left at its worst ”, wrote the president of the PSD in his official Twitter account.

At issue is the announcement by the Minister of Education, Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, that the interruption of teaching activities applies not only in public education, but also in private and cooperative. "This is a school break for everyone," he explained, stressing that colleges do not have the same degree of autonomy as universities or polytechnic institutes. "Always peeking at the exception is what has caused us problems in societal terms," ​​he said.

O Council of Ministers determined the “suspension of academic and non-academic activities, as of January 22 and for a period of 15 days ”, regardless of whether they are done in person or remotely. The measure applies to "public, private and cooperative education establishments and the social and solidarity sector of pre-school education and basic and secondary education", as well as daycare centers and day and social centers.

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