The AC / DC miracles

I fear that with the end of the moratoriums, the excess of non-performing loans, banking in great difficulty, the lack of legislative and fiscal planning to support the recovery of the economy, companies and families, the disaster will be even greater.

Miracles were already occurring before Christ! And after Christ there were still miracles. For those who do not believe in these extraordinary or inexplicable facts by the laws of nature and which are attributed to divine or supernatural causes, it is more difficult to live with such facts.

Now, this conversation comes about the supposed miracle performed by the current Government Before Covid (A / C) and After Covid (D / C). A / C, and due to the captivations, our financial performance as a country was treated as a miracle and Centeno was nicknamed Cristiano Ronaldo, which, in this land of footballers, is synonymous with a miracle angel. D / C and after the first wave, the Government operated a new supposed miracle through an alleged robust and outstanding National Health Service and announced and little effective support to the economy.

And I don't believe in miracles, these are the ones I don't believe in! Now, for the collapse of the country's economy and the unsustainable growth of unemployment, it took only two months to stop the economy, which says a lot about this miraculous solidity A / C.

ED / C, the scam is now easily demonstrated.

We had a year to prepare for the second, third and fourth vacancies, we knew that winter was coming, we knew, or we should know, that we needed to strengthen the NHS and that, due to ideological prejudice, we did not contract with the private and social sectors of health and we did nothing to prepare, certainly confident, now yes, in a miracle!

It turns out that miracles do not exist and this time what happened was an authentic biblical disgrace.

Portugal is today the second country in the world with the most deaths per million inhabitants and the first country in the world with the most new cases per million inhabitants. It is the fault, according to the miraculous Government, of the Portuguese, of each one of us, that it does not respect the rules of the DGS, social distance, hand hygiene and the use of the mask!

The fault is not, cannot be, of the divine rulers, who cannot be demanded, with time and a year in advance, the reinforcement of the National Health Service, especially of the intensive care units, the protocol with the private sector and Health, the efficient implementation of the vaccination plan for the elderly (those who die!) and, “last but not the least”, support for the survival of the economy and families.

Governmental uncoordination, the absence of the Minister of Health in this chaotic phase of the NHS (already at the inauguration of the vaccination there, she was all miraculous ...), the unspeakable and unintelligible communications of the DGS, the irrational and inexplicable guidelines regarding the rules and their exceptions, the suspicious confinements and the structural - and deficient - backwardness of support to the economy lead to this debacle that no miracle could ever remedy.

I fear that with the end of the moratoriums, the excess of non-performing loans, the banking sector in great difficulties, the lack of legislative and fiscal planning to support the recovery of the economy, companies and families, this disgrace will become even worse.

Look at “socialist” Biden and learn some lessons. As Trump did, he will support the economy, businesses and families by increasing the money supply (quantitative easing). It will not invest, as miracles here announce, in “modernization”, “digitalization” of the civil service, in the growth of current public expenditure, in renewable energies and hydrogen, in useless and pharaonic works or in the nationalization of companies in an economic situation ruinous!

For agnostics, atheists and Philistines is good news. Miracles do not exist ...

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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