Portugal needs more

Does it make sense, at this time, and given the alternatives presented, to weaken the current and future President? I think not. But it is important to continue to build real change in municipal elections and then in legislative elections.

Portugal needs more, but does it need another President?

We must not confuse the need to change the (almost) empty and rotten state that we have become, the need for rupture and also for the change of the current political class (which lived its entire life directly and / or indirectly from / to the State) and caciquista (whose priority interest is personal or party interest, never that of the State and the Common Good), with the need to have a President of the Republic who, despite all the defects he may have, represents Portugal in a dignified and with value.

Despite all the criticisms and disappointments about its performance, alignment with the current Government etc ..., the truth is that, despite all this, there is no other candidate to match. With minimal capacities. With so much criticism and apparent disillusionment, how are the alternatives presented?

Despite this, I think that, unlike so many, the more strength the current President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has, the better future President we will have. With more strength, with more impact, with more capacity, with more legitimacy and, therefore, also with more responsibility to contribute, in fact, to the change that we need so much. And that the case of the Azores, which so many disagree with, has been and is proof of that.

We cannot mix presidential elections with municipal and / or legislative elections. Especially because until the last televised debate among all the candidates, we had not yet heard any candidate's concrete ideas about the country that we want to be in the endogenous and exogenous environment that we live in. We don't even hear any idea or intention about which National Strategy, for example. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because?

That said, I cannot fail to highlight the evolution of Tiago Mayan Gonçalves, the capacity and resilience of André Ventura and the revelation that is Vitorino Silva (who in his authenticity finds metaphors that convey ideals with value). But it is also important to highlight the disappointment that was Ana Gomes, the lack of preparation by Marisa Matias and the positive performance of João Ferreira (who seems to be anything but communist).

However, does voting for any of them for the presidential elections in this context of public, economic and political health make sense? Why and for what? Out of irritation? Do we want to “play” the elections in a theoretically possible second round in the face of the impact of the expected brutal abstention and the possible weight of the “guerrilla / protest” electorate?

Does it make sense, in the light of the alternatives presented, not to strengthen and hold the current President accountable for the crucial and essential decisions that we will have to take? Does it make sense, at this time, and given the alternatives presented, to weaken the current and future President?

I think not.

We must demand and hold accountable the existing alternatives, but also the installed parties, so that they are properly prepared, with new and better ideas, people and feature for the upcoming local elections that will be crucial for the future and the rebalancing of our country.

We need much more and much better.

I write this, aware that today we live in an (almost) empty and corrupt state that has to be changed.

I write this because I have no doubt that the future of Portugal will pass through alternatives and new people (healthy, free and competent) who work for the country, instead of using the country, as has happened.

I write this because I also consider that deputies such as Ricardo Baptista Leite, Paulo Neves, André Ventura and João Cotrim Figueiredo have done a service to the Fatherland by stirring waters and contributing to the necessary change.

For all this, in fact, this is, for me, the great challenge: to continue to build and promote the real and effective immediate change. Starting already in the municipal elections and later in the legislative ones. Build, bringing a new generation to politics, not only of age but above all in ideas, content and character! For without this, the alternatives that are presented will be more of the same. And this time, at this time, we no longer have time for failures or new attempts.

We really need to change. Because Portugal really needs more, now!

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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