Portugal goes to market Wednesday to issue up to 1.500 billion in short-term debt

After this week having paid a negative fee to issue 10-year debt, the institution led by Cristina Casalinho will sell short-term debt for the first time this year, with terms of six and 12 months.

Cristina Bernardo

IGCP - Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency announced this Friday that it will hold, next Wednesday, January 20, two auctions of the Treasury Bill (BT) lines with a global indicative amount between 1.250 million euros and 1.500 million euros, at six and 12 months - with maturities on July 16, 2021 and January 21, 2022.

This Wednesday, January 13, the IGCP issued a total of 1.250 million euros, in a double auction of Treasury Bonds (OT) with maturities in 2030 and 2035, having first paid a negative rate to sell debt at 10 years.

The agency led by Cristina Casalinho issued 500 million euros in OT with maturity in October 2030 and 750 million in debt with maturity in October 2035.

In 10-year debt, the Treasury paid a placement fee of -0,012%. The last placement of this maturity occurred on September 9, when Portugal paid a fee of 0,329%. To date, the IGCP had only achieved negative OT maturity rates, those of six and eight years. In October, in the last auction held, the Treasury paid a rate of -0,085% to issue eight-year debt.

This Wednesday, at the longest maturity, IGCP paid a 0,319% placement fee.


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Portugal already pays negative rate to sell 10-year debt

The Treasury issued a total of 1.250 million euros in medium and long-term debt. At 10-year maturity, the interest rate was -0,012%. Until now, Portugal had only achieved negative rates on six- and eight-year bonds.

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IGCP is authorized to issue Treasury Bonds up to a maximum amount of 20 billion euros, with the redemption of bonds at par being fixed and the maturity date cannot exceed 50 years.

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