Portuguese EU Presidency discusses employment and training in tourism

This is an international forum that will be held, next Thursday, January 21, in virtual format, under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition.

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union will discuss, next Thursday, January 21st, education, employment and training in the tourism sector.

It is an international forum that will be held in virtual format under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition.

“With the tourism sector facing a difficult and uncertain moment, whose impacts are not yet clear, it is essential to bring together government and European Union actors, as well as representatives of intergovernmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations, to work in the urgent recovery and valorization of tourism. This forum thus constitutes an opportunity to gather contributions and propose solutions for the tourism sector in two fundamental components: human resources and their qualifications ”, explains a statement from the Ministry of Economy.

According to this note, the program of this forum consists of two panels: 'Education & Training in Tourism - How?' and 'Future Trends in Tourism'.

“The first focuses on the current models of education and training in the tourism sector, seeking to make a diagnosis and a survey of the needs of the sector and how to promote its evolution and adaptation to new realities, and the second seeks to discuss the main lines of evolution in the sector, what are the trends in demand / consumption and how should the sector adapt to respond to the new demands ”, the statement said.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the session also features a presentation of the 'Pact for Skills' initiative, “a strategy of the European Commission aimed at establishing public-private partnerships for the development of skills at European level, promoting the creation of networks of trainers and new forms of financing ”.

“The International Forum: Education, Employment and Training in the tourism sector is one of the three events that Turismo de Portugal is organizing, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in order to contribute to the recovery, valorisation and innovation in this sector of the economy ”, concludes the statement.


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