European Council President thanks Centeno for “good work” in the Eurogroup

"Thank you Mário Centeno for the good work as president of the Eurogroup and for the excellent cooperation", wrote Belgian Charles MIchel on Twitter.

Cristina Bernardo

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, wrote this Tuesday on his Twitter page a thanks to Mário Centeno for the work done in the Eurogroup, after having been announced that the Portuguese will cease to be Minister of Finance of Portugal and, consequently, president of the group that brings together the strongmen of Finance of the Member States of the European Union (EU).

“Thanks Mário Centeno for the good work as president of the Eurogroup and for the excellent cooperation. The Eurogroup must continue to prepare the ground for a strong economic recovery. Covid-19 paralyzed the economy, but accelerated the EU's determination to recover for the better, ”wrote the Belgian politician.


This Tuesday was announced the dismissal of Mário Centeno as holder of the portfolio of Finance in Portugal. According to a note published on the website of the Presidency of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa received from the Prime Minister, António Costa, “the proposals for dismissal, at the request of the Minister of State and Finance, professor Dr. Mário Centeno, and for appointment , instead of Professor João Leão ”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa “accepted the proposals”. To replace the resigning minister, the current secretary of state for the budget, João Leão, was appointed. João Leão's inauguration, as the new finance minister of Portugal, takes place on Monday, June 15th.

As the Minister of Finance, Mário Centeno has also been the president of the Eurogroup since December 2017, when he was elected by his peers in Brussels. But since he is leaving Finance, Mário Centeno will also stop being the president of the Eurogroup.

Also on Twitter, Centeno announced which ends the current term on June 13. “My term as president of the Eurogroup ends on 13 July 2020. On Thursday, I will inform my colleagues in the Eurogroup of my decision not to pursue a second term, as until 15 June I will step down as minister of the Portugal's Finance, ”he wrote.

On Thursday, the president will formally inform the members of the Eurogroup of his departure. The race for the presidency of the informal group of finance ministers of the 19 of the single currency formally starts.

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Centeno, Mourinho Félix and Álvaro Novo return to their original place in BdP

The Minister of Finance, who resigned on Tuesday, June 9, and his two secretaries of state, Finance and Treasury, will now return to their place of origin at Banco de Portugal, where Centeno was a management consultant since 2014. Mourinho Félix and Álvaro Novo are also staff at the institution and return to their original places.

Government approves supplementary budget proposal

As the Jornal Económico first revealed on June 5, the Government creates a tax on the banking sector to finance the Social Security Stabilization Fund, which expects to raise 33 million euros annually. Document will be debated in Parliament on June 17.

From the exit of the excessive deficit to the first surplus: Travel through the 1.664 days of 'Ronaldo das Finanças' in the Government

He helped build the macroeconomic scenario for the PS program and was then called by António Costa to recover public finances even in the aftermath of the crisis. Between Schäuble's sympathy and the election for the presidency of the Eurogroup, there was a “mutual perception error” and an accounting for the deficit that he did not like. Before accusing fatigue, he conquered the first budgetary surplus in democracy, with the last few months marked by a pandemic and the controversial transfer to the Resolution Fund.

Forum for Competitiveness estimates a fall of up to 8,5% of GDP in the first quarter

“The stricter confinement, added to self-confinement, will have had a marked economic impact, visible in the first indicators of the year. In tourism, there was a deterioration of expectations, already without hope in relation to Easter ”, argues the entity.

Lisbon Protects. Autarchy provides 20 million support to companies as of today

This phase of the program is budgeted at 35 million euros, of which 20 million are for entrepreneurs with a revenue breakdown of more than 25% in the first three quarters of last year or in all quarters.

Public debt retreated in January after reaching historic high

Debt decreased by 600 million between December and January, reflecting “essentially amortizations of debt securities, in the amount of 0,3 billion euros, and the reduction of deposit liabilities in the amount of 0,2 billion”, according to the Portugal's bank.