PremiumFirst day of the main phase of the 5G auction generates more than 180 million euros

Bidding phase of the bands essential to 5G generates interest, despite the criticism of the 'players' to the regulator. Four rounds took place.

Despite the controversy surrounding the regulation of the auction for the allocation of frequencies for the fifth generation of the mobile network (5G), the tender is generating interest among operators. After the phase reserved for new entrants generated a gain of more than 84 million euros for the State, the first day of the main bidding phase of the 5G auction exceeded 181 million euros, according to data from the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom) ).

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Covid-19: Catarina Martins calls on Costa to extend the moratoriums

“I leave this appeal to António Costa today: do not wait until it is too late, do not wait for the evictions and bankruptcies to start. The moratoriums have to be extended now ”, in a mostly virtual rally that marked the end of the online municipal conference and the 22 years of BE, which celebrates its foundation on Sunday.

TAP. Ratification of agreements with pilots and crew members was a "crucial step", says the Government

“Because these agreements represent a very firm commitment by everyone to the company's future, they give even more credibility to the restructuring plan that the Portuguese State will continue to negotiate with the European Commission over the next few weeks”, underlined the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing.

Postal services fall 12,4% but parcel traffic soars 20% in 2020

Total traffic of postal services fell 12,4% in 2020, a drop that "is associated with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic" and that was "more expressive" than the decrease seen in 2019 (-6,7%). The pandemic will have had “a direct, negative, 9,8% impact on total postal traffic”.