Prime Minister: "We are ready to work with President Joe Biden"

António Costa intends to “strengthen the European Union-United States relations” and “reaffirm the relevance of NATO”.

The Prime Minister reiterated this Wednesday the support of the Portuguese Government to the Biden administration, while the inauguration ceremony of the new presidency of the United States (USA) takes place in the Capitol, in Washington.

"We are ready to work with President Joe Biden from day one to strengthen European Union-US relations, reaffirm NATO's relevance and strengthen multilateral responses to issues such as climate change and the defense of democracy and human rights," wrote António Costa, on the social network Twitter.

In Brussels, representing the Portuguese presidency of the Council of the European Union, the prime minister also took advantage of the intervention in the European Parliament to congratulate Joe Biden for the post, as he had done when he won the elections in November 2020.

"On this day when President Joe Biden will take office, I cannot fail to address the votes of the greatest successes in his term and to mention the need to relaunch the increasingly close relations with the United States," plenary Session this morning.

On November 7, as soon as the Democrat's victory in the US presidential elections was confirmed, Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa saluted Joe Biden and highlighted the work on strengthening transatlantic relations.

“Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden. I hope that we will soon be able to work on strengthening transatlantic relations and managing global issues, such as climate change, the defense of democracy and international security ”, he published in a tweet.

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