The sale of all types of drinks in cafes to the wicket is prohibited

The Council of Ministers met today to approve new measures under the State of Emergency.

António Cotrim / Lusa

The prime minister announced today a ban on the sale of wafers of all types of drinks in cafes, among other measures to reinforce general confinement.

António Costa announced today the Government's measures to strengthen the State of Emergency:

  • Sale or delivery or wicket prohibited in any establishment of the non-food sector, such as clothing stores;
  • the sale or delivery of any type of beverage, even coffee, to take away food establishments is prohibited;
  • the permanence and consumption of food goods is prohibited outside or in the vicinity of food establishments;
  • catering spaces are closed in shopping centers, even in take-away;
  • all promotions and liquidations companies that promote the movement of people are prohibited; prohibited to remain in public leisure spaces, can be frequented but not permanence;
  • The Government will ask the municipalities to limit access to places of great concentration of people, sea fronts or riverside, which signal the prohibition on the use of garden benches;
  • Closure of senio universities, day and social centers;


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