PSD: “Government cannot contribute to demobilizing voters” with weak organization to vote

The PSD vice president began by detailing how the party opposes the current confinement, speaking of inefficiency, inconsistency and slowness, and then alleging that the Government's lack of preparation shows a devaluation of the presidential elections and puts voters at risk exposure to the virus.

PSD calls on the government to "learn from what went wrong" yesterday, Sunday, when the early vote for the presidential election resulted in long lines and difficulties in complying with the rules of social distance, as the vice president argued Social Democrat at a press conference this Monday.

Underlining the “importance for the future of the country”, David Justino accused the Government of failing with its responsibility to ensure “all the security” of an electoral act carried out at the most critical time of the pandemic in Portugal, when Portugal registers the highest seven-day average rate of confirmed infections in Covid-19 per million population.

"Thousands of citizens were unable to vote," said the Social Democratic deputy, for whom the scenario could have been avoided "if the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), which had all the information to plan the process", had done so in a less “amateur and sloppy” way.

On the contrary, the “unjustifiable failures, poor organization and excessive exposure to contagion” result from the MAI's stance, argued David Justino, who also attacked Eduardo Cabrita's “delusional” statements. The minister had compared the joy of this Sunday's election with that of the first democratic election.

As for the pandemic and the uncontrolled situation it has reached in Portuguese territory, the PSD speaks of a lack of opportunity, coherence, effectiveness and inspection to demonstrate against the current confinement.

Noting that it voted in favor of all states of emergency so far approved in order to fight the advance of Covid-19, the party argues that the current measures are late and questions why this situation was not prepared in advance. Through the words of its vice-president, the PSD also calls for the planned exceptions to the restrictions on mobility to be reviewed, which, they argue, give “the signal against the reinforcement of the rule”, and ask for the enforcement of the confinement to be monitored. population.

"Confinement without any supervision is to be conniving with disobedience," said David Justino.

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Covid-19: PCP wants 100% support for parents “immediately and with retroactive effects”

Speaking at a public session in Lisbon, Jerónimo de Sousa lamented that “PS, PSD and CDS-PP” rejected in the Assembly of the Republic the proposal of the PCP that provided “the payment of 100% salary to those who are assisting children until at 16, while schools remain closed ”, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19: Catarina Martins calls on Costa to extend the moratoriums

“I leave this appeal to António Costa today: do not wait until it is too late, do not wait for the evictions and bankruptcies to start. The moratoriums have to be extended now ”, in a mostly virtual rally that marked the end of the online municipal conference and the 22 years of BE, which celebrates its foundation on Sunday.

Covid-19: A hundred anti-confinement protesters in Lisbon

To Lusa, Commissioner Santos, from the PSP, said that the concentration, promoted by the Habeas Corpus Movement, associated with Jurists for Truth, came to gather “about one hundred people”, around 13:00 pm, and that half an hour ago there would still be 35 demonstrators on the spot.