PSP did not fine restaurant that kept doors open in Lisbon

Despite the lack of measures, Lapo stresses that after police intervention and "after a thorough analysis and consideration, we decided not to reopen" on Saturday. However, those responsible promise to reopen "soon".

The Public Security Police (PSP) did not impose fines on the catering establishment that kept its doors open in Lisbon, the “Lapo”, or any of the people present at the event.

In a statement, published on Facebook, Lapo clarified that: “Last Friday, during the PSP's intervention, no counter-ordinance was brought against either the company or any of the people present”.

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Was LAPO fined? Last Friday, during the intervention of the PSP, no counter-ordinance was brought against either the company or any of the people present.

Posted by LAPO em Monday, January 18, 2021

In another publication, those responsible for the restaurant explain that: “As reported on social media, we kept our establishment open to the public on Friday, rejecting the Government's false arguments for closure. It is urgent to rescue our freedom and the right to be able to work, honor our responsibilities and fight for our survival ”.

Lapo stresses that after the intervention of the PSP and “after deep analysis and consideration, we decided not to reopen [on Saturday]”. Those responsible for the establishment defend that “the decree of these measures [of the new confinement], as we all know, has no scientific support, and it is for this reason that we contest it and demand the reopening of our professional activity. Our goal is to work ”.

"The noisy selfishness of those who have to eat and pay their bills at this moment does not allow them to realize that their turn is coming soon as huge damage is being done to the national economy and the domino effect will be inevitable and, probably, irreversible", said Lapo, on Facebook on January 17.

What does the Government say about fines?

A week ago, the Government decreed that there would be fines for those who did not comply with the rules. "The approved decree-law seeks to establish a common procedure in the area of ​​economic offenses, which guarantees the proportionality of the applicable fines and accessory sanctions and recognizes their specificity and autonomy in relation to the other illegal offenses", as stated in the Government website.

The “Jornal de Notícias” advanced, on January 10, the fines will be imposed depending on whether they are classified as “light”, “serious” or “very serious”. Each infraction is assigned an interval for the fine to be applied. In the case of light infractions, the fine has a minimum value of 150 euros and a maximum value of 12 thousand euros. In serious infractions, fines have a maximum of 90 thousand euros.

Future of Lapo

In the statement published on social networks on January 17, Lapo guarantees to reopen “soon, in force, and we will make available to all interested parties the tools so that they can also do it”.

“To all owners of restaurants, small businesses and local businesses: stay strong and determined! Wait for news! We will never give up our freedom and fight for life and dignity ”, stressed those responsible for the restaurant.

Dear friends,

As communicated on social networks, we kept our establishment open to the public on…

Posted by LAPO em Sunday, January 17, 2021

Jornal Económico continues to await answers to questions asked about the security measures applied at the establishment, as well as the date for the reopening of Lapo.

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