Give back to lead

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of their employees. They assume that “our success is the success of our employees”. And they do it through measures, not beautiful words.

Fortunately, more and more companies are realizing and recognizing the importance of their employees. They assume that “our success is the success of our employees”. And they do it not just by beautiful words and soundbytes prepared for the media, but rather through measures that effectively help the people who, every day, strive for the companies they represent to be the best.

There are countless studies in these areas that conclude that an employee who is recognized by the company and who perceives his leadership as a true leader is more dedicated, motivated and gives himself more to the company. In short, put on the sweater!

But (and this “but” is very important) beyond studies there are decisions and policies in companies that change the lives of their employees for the better. And that's what I'm writing about today.

Matthew Molding is a 48 year old British manager, renowned for being, in addition to being an entrepreneur and leader, a very generous businessman. The founder of Grupo Hut, of very humble origins, started selling CDs at the beginning of the year 2000, but has adapted and currently has more than 100 pages on the internet that represent different products and brands, such as Honda and Nestlé. One of its brands is MyProtein, a food supplement.

Molding was recently in the news because it paid back to its employees for the effort they put into their work. He offered shares in his company, which went public in September 2020, and made them millionaires. In total, it was £ 830 million, more than € 930 million, in what was one of the biggest distributions ever in UK history. The media reported that there was even a personal secretary of the manager who retired at the age of 36.

Among his "facets", this entrepreneur annually donates the totality of his salary, worth 750 thousand pounds; donated 10 million pounds to support the fight against Covid-19 in his country and also gave two million pounds to help workers who were on the front lines in fighting the virus.

Since Grupo Hut was founded in 2004, its employees have been awarded an amount that represents about one fifth of the company's stock market value. I know that money is not everything, but it helps and a lot!

Fortunately, although in another reality, this is not the only case and a Portuguese company, from Braga, also belongs to this group, I would say that less and less restricted, of companies that reward and recognize their employees.

The Bernardo da Costa Group, through its Happiness Department, also sees itself in this vision of shared success. In 2014, he started paying his employees for holidays in tropical destinations. He repeated it for several years. Those who could not go were paid an extra salary to compensate.

Recently, in 2021, the Group announced that it set a minimum wage for five of the six companies it holds, the value of 800 euros, above the Government's target for 2023, which is 750 euros.

Although with very different realities, dimensions and geographies, these companies and their leaders have in common the capacity and desire - because they often lack the will - to repay their employees, a thank you that marks and is unforgettable. The consequences, benefits, of these decisions are visible to everyone, but only true leaders can see them.


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