No excuses

Joe Biden will not have the blocks that Trump had to face. The Democratic Party has the power, let's see what it will do with it.

The Democratic Party achieved an excellent result in the November and January elections. If until now it was confined to the control of the House of Representatives, now it will have the White House and Congress in its hands. Joe Biden will not have the blocks that Trump had to face, so there will be no excuse for not implementing the policies he wants. In addition, Trump's tumultuous end of term creates the conditions for a more pronounced page turn.

The White House will have a clear path, but there are doubts about where Joe Biden is going. In the tradition of American politics, the Democratic Party is an amalgamation of currents and trends. Biden is perceived as being more at the center, he is not hostile to companies or the financial system and he is not deeply statist. Its vice president, on the other hand, seems to represent an interventionist version, more to the left and defender of a more ubiquitous state. Who will prevail?

The electoral campaign was very focused on confronting Trump and little enlightening about the objectives for the next four or eight years. It seems clear that there will be more stimulus to the economy and that a different approach to the pandemic is likely to be taken. But it remains to be seen, for example, what the new administration thinks of the relationship with China, Europe, Russia and the countries of the Middle East, its position on protectionism or whether it intends to “leave” the big technology companies. The Democratic Party has the power, let's see what it will do with it.


Nasdaq was the only one to 'green' at the close of the session on Wall Street

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet closed with gains. The shares of Beyond Meat - the brand that revolutionized the industry by creating meat-flavored vegan foods - rose 1,30% to $ 145,62, after announcing an agreement with McDonald's and Yum! Brands.

DBRS maintains Portugal's rating at 'BBB' level

“The impact on Portugal's credit profile will depend on the duration of the shock [of Covid-19 in the economy] and on structural changes in the medium-term growth prospects and weakening public finances”, says the financial rating agency.

CMVM issued decisions in 11 administrative offenses in the fourth quarter of 2020

The entity chaired by Gabriela Figueiredo Dias also revealed that, in the fourth quarter of 2020, “a court case was decided regarding the violation of duties related to the activity of collective investment organizations”, and at the end of last year “were two pending decision cases in the courts ”.