Sonae and BCP sink PSI-20 in the middle of the session

Lisbon Stock Exchange is now down 0,54% to 5.010,85 points, following the trend of its European counterparts.

The Lisbon Stock Exchange is losing 0,54% to 5.010,85 points in the middle of the session on Monday, January 18th. In the Lisbon index, Sonae is highlighted in the 'red', falling 2,91% to 70,15 cents.

In addition to the retail group led by Cláudia Azevedo, BCP is also devaluing 2,38% to 12,70 cents, followed by Pharol falling 0,86% to 13,78 cents, EDP remains in the 'red 'by 0,67% to 5,31 euros and Galp Energia falls 0,47% to 8,90 euros. Jerónimo Martins also trades on negative ground by devaluing 1,15% to 14,65 euros and Mota-Engil falls 1,12% to 1,41 euros.

Trading on 'green' are Ibersol, rising 1,81% to 5,06 euros, The Navigator rising 1,04% to 2,53 euros, Altri gains 0,79% to 5,08 euros, Ren values ​​0,42% to 2,40 euros and Semapa gains 0,23% to 8,80 euros.

The main European markets are currently trading on mostly negative ground, with Frankfurt and Italy standing out on the positive side and gaining 0,14% to 13.806,60 points and 0,49% to 2.190,4 points, respectively. Currently the French stock exchange loses 0,19% to 5.600,86 points, Spain loses 0,24% to 8.211,00 points and London trades in the 'red' to lose 0,19% to 1.080,7 points.

“At the macroeconomic level, it was revealed that the Chinese economy will have grown by 2,6% in the 4th quarter of 2020, slightly below expectations. In the corporate context, the highlight was the valuation of Fiat, which is negotiating for the first time with the STLA ticker after the merger of Fiat with the PSA Group ”, reveals Ramiro Loureiro, Market analyst at Millennium investment banking.


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