I'm a right wing, what now?

The alternatives of the right are divided between a liberal alternative of a moderate right, an extreme right candidate with national socialist policies and the current incumbent who represents an embarrassed right. I don't hesitate and choose the first.

In these presidential elections, we have three candidates from the right and a recurring question from voters who identify with the values ​​defended by this political spectrum: “Who will I vote for?”.

This year we had 22 debates with the candidates, making more than 11 hours of discussion.

In faith in the numbers of the hearings, most of us had the opportunity to form an opinion on the ideas that each candidacy defends.

At the end of these debates, it became clear to me that Tiago Mayan, the candidate supported by the Liberal Initiative, is the one who represents what the right believes. I would say that there are three reasons for voting for Mayan:

The first reason is Vision.

He is the only candidate, against everything and everyone, who adamantly defends a liberal vision for Portugal. As he himself said, “what I want for Portugal is Germany's healthcare system, […] Ireland's fiscal policies, […] the administrative modernization of Estonia, the defense of Sweden's fundamental rights”.

It is through this vision that he presents a project that mobilizes us to improve the society in which we live. All of this without using scapegoats in an unbridled assault on power where anything goes and its opposite, characterized by the extreme right candidate.

The second reason is Consistency.

The defense of the State, where it assumes its real role, which is to fulfill the contract it has with all of us, at times when society needs it. For example, helping the population when there are exceptional or extremely damaging situations for which society finds it difficult to resolve by itself, an example being the current pandemic.

This defense, due to the real role of the State, which also includes pointing out an alternative to what has been the recent policy of “fat cows”, where the distribution of benefits was promoted, increasing our dependence on the State and now, when we need it most , fails, not supporting the sectors of activity that want to work, but cannot.

Another example of this path of consistency is the defense of taxpayers' money, denying entering into the salvation adventures of flag companies, as paradoxically the extreme right defends, to the detriment of essential State functions, such as health or education. Here, it is worth remembering that the current Government and the President of the Republic, by collusion, contributed to the deterioration of health care provision by not using all the installed capacity, and, with regard to education, through the decline in school results from 2015.

The last reason is Pragmatism.

As Fernando Pessoa used to say, “first you get strange, then you get involved”. A new political project, differentiating positively, needs time and consistency, and Mayan was able to bring this seriousness and pragmatism to the discussion. For example, the recognition of the important role that each of us has in our society, including immigrants or the importance of the role of the President of the Republic in favor of the independence of institutions. In other words, having a sense of the correct proportion of situations, regardless of the need for power from the extreme right or the popularity of the current incumbent.

In short, the alternatives of the right are divided between a liberal alternative of a moderate right, a candidate of extreme right with national socialist policies and the current incumbent who represents an embarrassed right.

For these reasons, in these presidential elections, my vote goes to Tiago Mayan for President of the Republic of Portugal.


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