Supermarkets prevented from selling books, clothing or toys from today

This type of product can be sold through e-commerce with home delivery, or by establishments that keep the doors closed, but that sell to the wicket or through 'click and collect' systems. CIP has already come to the public to criticize this decision because it considers that “it will cause greater economic damage to Portuguese companies”.

Supermarkets cannot sell various types of products as of today, such as books, clothing or toys.

The purpose of this measure is to prevent supermarkets and hypermarkets from selling the same products as stores that must be closed under the State of Emergency.

“Retail establishments that sell more than one type of good (…) cannot sell, in physical space, goods typically sold in closed retail establishments or with suspended activity”, according to the order published by the Government .

Thus, sales of:

  • Furniture, decoration and textile products for the home;
  • Games and toys;
  • Books;
  • Sports, camping and travel;
  • Fashion clothing, footwear and accessories.

CIP - Confederação Empresarial de Portugal has already made it public that this is “a wrong measure. Competition is a value to be defended, but not at the expense of deepening the very serious economic and social crisis that we are experiencing ”.

“The measure in question comes, on the one hand, to deprive or hinder consumers' access to a wide range of goods. On the other hand, it causes greater economic damage to Portuguese companies that have an important marketing channel for their production in super and hypermarkets, as well as to all the value chains associated with these same products ”, according to the confederation led by António Saraiva.

The order determines that these products can be sold by supermarkets with closed doors, but that they keep their activity through electronic commerce, delivery to the home or at the door of the establishment, whether it is sale to the wicket or through prior purchase by the internal (click and collect).

With the doors open to the public, and in order not to sell these products, supermarkets “must remove products that are not allowed to be marketed, hide their visibility or isolate the respective sales areas, preventing their access to consumers”.

The document signed by the Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, determines that "it is up to each establishment to adopt the physical and logistical measures necessary to ensure compliance with the provisions of this order".

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