Joe Biden takes office: 23 minutes of call for unity

In a practically monothematic speech, the new president of the United States claimed to know the causes of the fracture in which the country lives and asked everyone to join him in saving democracy. Trump, the assault on the Capitol and Covid-19 were the ubiquitous themes.

"Unity ... unity", asked the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, in his inauguration speech. Biden was speaking in front of the western wing of the Capitol - contrary to custom, precisely to mark the resistance of the Democratic regime: it was on this side that supporters of Donald Trump tried to take over the building last January 6. And the term Unity was repeated to exhaustion throughout a 23-minute speech - a term that crossed with the central idea of ​​the intervention: the United States is deeply divided and it is everyone's obligation to make this deeply changed.

"We learned that democracy is fragile, but democracy won - in this area where democracy was at stake a few days ago," said Biden, referring directly to the assault on the Capitol by the bands of supporters of Donald Trump, a character who he was always behind the words of the new president.

Biden was concerned with putting a kind of end to an era that he characterized as frenzy and lying, in an attempt to promote a new era, which wants peace and solidarity among all. “America depends on everyone, it is a great nation, we are good people. We have a lot to do, there is a lot to heal, a lot to build ”, he said, to emphasize that“ few people have encountered more difficult times ”, first of all due to the presence of the virus,“ which killed more Americans than World War II ”. Biden would even ask for a minute's silence in memory of the 400 or so victims that the covid-19 has already buried in the United States.

The new president also made a “call for survival” of the nation's great designs, against “domestic terrorism, white supremacy”. “It takes more than words, it takes the most lucid thing about democracy: unity… unity”.

Uniting the country was therefore the central theme - perhaps truly the only theme in Joe Biden's inauguration speech as the 46th president of the United States.

Even so, Biden did not want to end without leaving a word outside the country's borders: “The world is watching us and this is my message: America has been tested and we will emerge stronger not to answer yesterday's challenges, but today and tomorrow. We will lead by the strength of our example. We will be a reliable partner for peace and security ”.

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