Super Bock workers call strike for December 10

Super Bock workers, meeting in plenary session, today approved a 24-hour strike on December 10, the union of workers in the food, beverage and tobacco industries told Lusa.

Super Bock workers, meeting in plenary session, today approved a 24-hour strike on December 10, the union of workers in the food, beverage and tobacco industries told Lusa.

“A motion was voted and approved, the main decision of which is a strike, at the door of the company, on December 10,” said the leader of the Union of Workers in Agriculture and the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industries of Portugal (Sintab) , José Eduardo, speaking to Lusa.

As stated by the union leader, the strike will start at 08:00 am on the 10th and will continue for 24 hours, in line with the already scheduled stoppage of the 16 precarious workers "who were pushed into unemployment".

According to the approved motion, to which Lusa had access, the workers accuse the production management of an “abusive and arrogant” approach, in a sector marked by “labor harassment” and persecution, alerts that the representative bodies sent to the Super management. Bock.

However, “in view of the administration's insistence on devaluing” the workers' complaints decided to demonstrate a “firm position” in the defense of their rights and jobs and condemn the non-compliance with the integration agreements and demand the “end of arrogant and persecutory ”.

On Friday, Sintab accused the Super Bock group of failing to fulfill a commitment that dates back to January for the integration of precarious workers.

In a statement, released at the time, the union structure says that “Super Bock informed Sintab and DGERT [General Directorate of Employment and Labor Relations] on 20 November, the decision not to comply with the commitment that he had taken on in January, of integrating, in his staff, 16 of the workers with precarious links and who have performed continuous and essential tasks for more than 15 years ”.

Contacted by Lusa, the official source of the Super Bock group confirmed, to date, “the meeting held at DGERT on November 20, in which it reported that the change in circumstances motivated by the impact of the covid-19 crisis on the group's business has had such a depth that it makes it impossible to fully comply with the agreement signed last January, in a context prior to the pandemic ”, without specifically referring to the issue of precarious prices.

For the union, this decision is based on the decapitalization of the staff so that, later on, the group can turn to workers with precarious ties.

On June 16, the group announced that it decided to reduce its workforce by 10% due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic.

The "significant reduction in the activity of the Super Bock Group caused by the effect of the covid-19 pandemic, as well as the recession scenario forecast for the near future, force the company to readjust its structure to defend and protect the sustainability of the group", reads up on that note.

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