PremiumEnergy transition is an “opportunity” for Portugal

Bruno Martinho, from the consultancy Accenture, addresses the main challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in Portugal. "We have all the ingredients to capture this added value for Portugal".

The energy transition is an opportunity for Portugal in the next decade, defends Bruno Martinho, administrator of the consultancy Accenture.

“The energy transition is an economic opportunity with an impact on eurozone GDP, but also on job creation. It is a particular opportunity for Portugal to reposition itself in an energy ecosystem that is becoming increasingly important not only at the local scale, but also at the European scale ”, said Bruno Martinho.
“Typically, the energy system was set up and designed from upstream to downstream. What we are seeing now is the possibility for generation to start at any point in the value chain that is closer to the consumer or the companies. This generation will be increasingly decentralized ”, he analyzed.

Accenture's head of technology and energy underlined the “intelligence that regulates energy flows” and that the meeting between demand and supply will be “made in an increasingly individualized way, in communities, whether with companies, be it in relations between energy producers and consumers ”.

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