Court of Auditors gives the green light to the accounts of the Presidency of the Republic, leaves two compliments and makes three recommendations

TdC praises the commitment of the Palace of Belém to “timely provision of accounts for the economic year 2019, despite the demands arising from the Covid-19 pandemic situation”, but leaves three recommendations for this year.

The Court of Auditors gave the green light to the accounts of the Presidency of the Republic (PR). In its opinion for the year 2019, the TdC also leaves three recommendations to the Palace of Belém.

“The Court of Auditors made a favorable judgment, based on the financial audit carried out, since the Financial and Budget Statements present in a true and appropriate way, in all material aspects, the financial position of the Presidency of the Republic, on December 31 2019, as well as its financial and budgetary performance and cash flows for the year ended on that date, in accordance with the principles set out in the Accounting Standardization System for Public Administrations (SNC-AP) ”, can be read in statement released this Monday.

The TdC points out that the “Audit Report concluded that the accountability documentation was presented in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the SNC-AP and the Public Accounting Standards (NCP). In view of the specific framework of the Presidency of the Republic, it was found that the legal rules relating to revenue and expenditure were complied with, whose operations were verified on a sampling basis, and no materially relevant inaccuracies were identified ”.

Regarding the operations examined in terms of staff remuneration, these “did not show errors of legal or regulatory compliance or calculation. In the context of cultural goods, work on aggregating the general inventory of goods that are under the responsibility of the Museum of PR continues. ”

According to the report, the PR made a total of 15,8 million euros in expenditure in 2019, 2% less than in 2019, with the budget execution standing at 92%. For this decrease, the fall in the items “acquisition of goods and services”, with a reduction of 2% or 67 million euros, in the acquisition of capital goods, less 24% or 260 million, and in “personnel expenses” was relevant ”, Plus 0,11% or 12 million.

Analyzing the total expenditure, “personnel expenses” account for 70% of total expenditure, equivalent to 11,1 million euros, with the “acquisition of goods and services” weighing 24%, equivalent to 3,8 million . Expenses with “acquisition of capital goods” accounted for 5% of the total, equivalent to 838 million.

In turn, revenues reached 17,1 million with the vast majority, 16,7 million, originating in the State Budget.

In its analysis, the TdC praises the “commitment of the Presidency of the Republic to the timely rendering of accounts for the economic year 2019, despite the demands arising from the pandemic situation COVID-19”.

The Court also commends Belém for pointing out the potential effects of the pandemic on the activity of the Presidency of the Republic for this year in the Notes to the Financial Statements and in the Management Report.

At the same time, despite the green light on its accounts, the Court left three recommendations to the Palace of Belém.

First, the TdC recommends that the Presidency of the Republic should “continue the revision / update of the Internal Control System Regulation and the development of the management accounting subsystem, adapted to the legal framework corresponding to the SNC-AP;

Then, he recommends that he “continue to implement the existing rules and procedures for the area of ​​cultural goods, the aggregation in a single inventory of PR assets, as well as the verification and verification of assets lent to PR”.

Finally, it points out that the PR should proceed with the “review and subsequent implementation of the Collaboration Protocol signed with the Municipality of Cascais regarding the Palácio da Cidadela”.

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