EU expects US presence at European meetings this semester

The European Union expects officials from Joe Biden's administration to participate in the councils of European ministers during the Portuguese presidency and ensures that it has not received any complaints from Washington about the conclusion of the EU-China investment agreement.

“During the Portuguese presidency, we expect the Secretaries of State, Defense and Foreign Affairs to participate in our councils. And here, in Portugal, we will have the opportunity to receive them on our councils ”, says the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in an interview with Lusa, on Friday, on the sidelines of the visit of the college of commissioners to Lisbon, within the scope of rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU).

Asked about the recently reached principle agreement on an investment pact with China, weeks after Joe Biden proposed a transatlantic dialogue on “the strategic challenge” posed by China, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy says he has had no complaint from the transition team.

“About what was misinterpreted, nothing is known to me, that's what some commentators say. I have no record of that, ”he says.

“But I see no reason why it should be misinterpreted. We have been negotiating an agreement for seven years and the German Presidency has achieved it under the conditions that we have long requested in terms of balance in economic relations, treatment of our companies in China, so I do not see why it could pose problems for anyone ”, ensures.

At a time when the EU is multiplying statements about the opportunity that the election of Joe Biden creates for a relaunch of the transatlantic relationship, Josep Borrell says that Brussels has not started any dialogue process and awaits the inauguration and ratification by the US Congress of the new administration.

“The President has not yet been invested and the positions he is going to appoint have not yet passed the examination in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It seems prudent that, until then, we don't start working with them and we didn't want to do it out of respect for the process ”, he stresses.

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