Abuses of power

In the United States with Trump, in Portugal with two journalists. There are powers that need to be framed and others that need to be more courageous and less corporate.

Position and History

This campaign for the Presidency of the Republic, from the point of view of the personalities in attendance, is one of the poorest ever.


The 304 million euros of fines that the Competition Authority has imposed on six supermarket chains and two beverage suppliers are a new sign of hope for consumers.

Chega's role

As proved in the Azores, with the rise of Chega it will be possible to discuss the alternation of power between right and left.

TAP, again

TAP has to be built on the idea that we want to have of it. That is what Parliament should discuss.

António Costa does well

The need for 'bazooka' money to help people and fight the economic crisis must be placed well above ideological controversy.
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