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Deco defends changes in access to social tariffs after the suspension of cuts ends

The consumer protection association Deco issued today an alert to remember that the regime that prevents the suspension of essential services ends at the end of this month and to defend changes in access to social tariffs.

Exceptional and temporary rights to essential services expire on 30 September

For all invoices that are in arrears since March 13, the consumer will be able to request a payment plan in monthly installments, without interest, which can start only in the month of November.

Prohibition to cut power supply ends on the 30th, says ERSE

ERSE warns consumers who are in one of these situations, and have overdue invoices, that “they should contact the electricity and natural gas supplier in order to request a payment plan in installments.

Offer of rooms for rent soared 228%. Lisbon and Porto with greater demand

The capital registers an increase in demand of 61%, while the city of Porto is the most sought after by 16% of the population that wants to rent a room.

Interest rate on home loans increased 0,9% in August

This increase is 1,7 basis points (bp) higher than in the previous month. The average installment remained at 226 euros, while the average capital outstanding grew by 114 euros, now standing at 54.317 euros.

How to use the Windows 10 “Calendar” application to organize your life

Windows 10 has a complete and versatile calendar application. See how to configure and use it.
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IRS: Deadline to settle accounts with the tax authorities ends today

This Monday, August 31, the deadline for receiving reimbursement ends, as long as the declaration has been delivered within the established deadlines and for taxpayers who have to pay IRS and settle accounts with the Tax Authorities. It is also the deadline for the payment of other tax obligations, namely the second installment of IMI and IRC.

Amendments have already been published for pensioners to correct late paid pension IRS

Tax authorities did not accept the correction of income tax returns from pensioners with income until September 30, 2019. Only guarantee corrections after this date. Parliament approved proposals for the correction of the income tax return retroactively, up to a limit of four years. Law will go into effect at the end of September. New income statements will be submitted by the end of the year.

Companies with new support for the recovery receive help for Christmas subsidy in 2021

The jurist Alexandra Marcelino explained that the worker with reduced hours in the scope of the new extraordinary support for the progressive resumption of the activity “is entitled to a full Christmas subsidy”.
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"The best candidate is the one that our client hires"

In this interview with JE, João Maciel says that the lawyer is a “problem solver” and advises to have a realistic view of the profession. When it comes to recruiting, he adds, societies favor the University, the average of the course and foreign languages.

Revolut is hiring and has 50 vacancies in Porto and Lisbon

Technology company linked to virtual banking is recruiting. Revolut has 50 vacancies available for positions ranging from management functions to technology in Portugal.

Have questions about the lay-off? JE answers your questions

Are you in lay-off and want to see some of your doubts clarified? Send your question to and ask your question. See it answered in this article.
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Managing partners with annual turnover of more than 80 thousand euros are already entitled to extraordinary State support

It is only possible to apply for support related to the break in billing between the months of March and July until September. In order to request support for the month of August, businessmen have until September 6.

Are you in high school and like Marketing? There is an online competition that tests management skills

The “The Marketing Game”, organized by IPAM, is aimed at students in the 10th, 11th and 12th years. Registration is open until tomorrow.

MDS launches insurance to cover harmful management acts

Insurance is recommended for the vast majority of companies, regardless of size, legal form or activity, and has as insurance people the company's decision-making staff, including directors, administrators, â € ˜compliance officerâ € ™, in charge of data protection, both current and those who have already ceased their functions, as well as non-executive directors.
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Do you want to make a term deposit? Find out all about TANB

If you were already interested in making a term deposit, you certainly heard about TANB (Annual Gross Nominal Rate), but did you know that this rate does not reflect the actual amount you will receive in interest?

This is the Euromillions winning key

At stake is a prize worth 156 million euros.

Portuguese holiday abroad with a 70% drop this year

Although the majority chose to spend their holidays in Portugal, Revolut equates that the Portuguese spent 78% less on their holidays in 2020, compared to the same period in 2019.
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