Not fictional production

Intending to subsidize Information, these 15 million allocated to media companies, in fact, came, above all, to help pay for television programming.

April and May

Now that the owners of democracy have collected the flags of the days that they judge of them, perhaps it is possible to speak in a substantive way of what happened.

The “consensus”

Not even the European and more liberal PS can dispense with a distant and critical President and combative parliamentarism.

An iron date

April 25, as a monument to Democracy and Freedom, should be essentially future

The Bakery Case

You cannot be a liberal in a time of fat cows and become a socialist when the crisis comes knocking on your door. If there is success, it is at that time that the future should be thought.

The press crisis

The media sector, like others, cannot fail to have a specific, urgent plan that will help it to overcome this catalytic situation of a crisis that is structural.
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