Central Block

The end of biweekly debates with the Prime Minister in Parliament highlights the idea that PSD and PS have of exercising power.

The BES theft

The accused will continue to benefit from the accumulated wealth, and no one will reimburse the people stolen during this process that the prosecutor considers to have been carried out by a "criminal association".

The regime on trial

Regarding António Mexia, the man who follows, let us remember human nature to prevent the economy, with Efacec and TAP well present: the bigger the State, the greater the little shame can be

Excessive proximity

The President of the Republic gets lost in the reality of everyday life, becomes an accomplice in events and removes the position of the system's valve.

Putin in the distance

André Ventura realized that the country of Camões continues to walk with a flap in one eye. It is, I believe, his only merit.

All in the open

Did anyone expect that, with or without coronavirus, the owners of the NB would not find any pretext to smash the government's commitment / guarantee to the marrow?
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