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Covid-19: “Everything that depended on the Regional Government we did from the first hour”, says Pedro Calado

Pedro Calado stressed that, if in the most negative scenario, the Region has a reduction in regional GDP from 5,1 billion to 3,8 billion, it is a figure of approximately 1,4 billion loss in GDP.
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CDS-PP Madeira criticizes Costa's Government for ignoring requests from autonomous regions

The CDS-PP Madeira political commission asks the State and its highest representatives to respect the rights of the autonomous, underlining that the Portuguese State "cannot deny to the region what it asks from the European Union".

PSP with reinforcement of 46 agents in Madeira

The Public Security Police now has a reinforcement of 571 new agents, who will reinforce the police contingent throughout the national territory.

Madeira: PSD and CDS approve classification of Madeira cider

It should be noted that the Regional Government, already within the scope of this policy, inaugurated the first mill for this project, in Santo António da Serra.

Madeira: Opposition criticizes non-obligation to use regional products in proposal on Madeira cider

The proposal was presented by the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Humberto Vasconcelos, who stressed the fact that the production of cider has reached in the last year approximately 345 thousand liters, with a market value of approximately 1,7 million euros and involving close to 360 producers.

Madeira: economic activity grows 1,4% in February

Exports grew by 24% in February, while imports fell by 6%.

Tourism revenues sink 48% in Madeira

Overnight stays sank 49% and registered the lowest value since 1995 according to the Regional Directorate of Statistics. In March, total income reached 16 million euros. The hotel industry concentrated 80% of overnight stays.

Grupo Pestana starts reopening hotels and Pousadas from June XNUMXth

From the beginning of June, Pestana Cascais will open again in the Lisbon region. In the Algarve, Pestana Viking, Pestana Alvor South Beach and Pestana Dom João Villas reopen.

Madeira: JPP calls Regional Secretary of Economy to the Assembly as a matter of urgency

Élvio Sousa recalls that taxi professionals were instrumental in promoting tourism in our Region, and this profession was the breadwinner of many families.

Madeira: Health Commission analyzes use of convalescent plasma to treat Covid-19

This specialized working group was asked to consider the application presented by Mário Pereira, and the opinion has already been sent to SESARAM (Madeira Health Service).

Madeira without new cases for 17 consecutive days

IASAÚDE indicates that 353 people are being monitored by the health authorities of the various counties in the region, of which 249 are under active surveillance and 104 are in self-surveillance.

Madeira Regional Government creates 3,1 million credit line to transform sugarcane

This line is intended for the production of agricultural rum and sugar cane honey.

Madeira Government guarantees that the cost of the test on arrival will be less than 150 euros

"Nobody will have tests of 150 euros here," he said, reinforcing: "This makes no sense because I am certainly not going to make residents pay 150 euros," he said.

Madeira criticizes Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa's silence on the situation in the archipelago

The Executive, from a PSD / CDS-PP coalition, demands the amendment of the Regional Finance Law, to allow access to financing in the market, and also a moratorium on the payment of two installments of 48 million euros each, related to the debt of the Region to the State.

Binter hopes to resume flights between Funchal and Porto Santo “as soon as possible”

The carrier is also studying the feasibility of establishing a tourist corridor between the Canary Islands and Madeira.
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