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Albuquerque on coalition in municipalities: “we will make the necessary understandings within a framework of political negotiation”

When asked about the possibility that the PSD and CDS-PP, which were coalitions in the Government of Madeira, would be linked in the municipal elections, in Madeira, in all municipalities, Albuquerque said that at this time this is a “no matter” and that it will “Take care of everything in due time”.

Madeira moves from best to second worst region in the country in the unemployment rate

In the second quarter the unemployment rate in Madeira was 6,7%, when the national average is 5,6%.

Multibanco operations recorded a 29% drop in Madeira

Purchases and withdrawals made by ATMs reached 301 million euros in Madeira.

Madeira companies decrease liabilities by 4%

Between 2017 and 2018 the financing expenses of companies in the region decreased by an average of 23%, says a study by Banco de Portugal.

Albuquerque on the Constitutional Court's decision on mandatory quarantine in the Azores: “They still conceive of autonomous regions as colonies”

The head of the Madeiran Executive considers that this decision “does not make any sense”, and what the Constitutional Court should do was rule on the constitutionality of “parties in the middle of a pandemic with 100 people like the Festa do Avante”.

TC says Government of the Azores violated Constitution by imposing mandatory quarantine

The Azorean authorities violated the constitution by imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine on those who arrived in the region because of the covid-19 pandemic, the Constitutional Court (TC) decided.

7% of Madeira companies exported

A study by Banco de Portugal says that company exports represented 34% of the region's turnover.

31% of Madeira companies have negative equity

A study by Banco de Portugal says that interest-bearing debt corresponded to 46% of corporate liabilities, and that bank loans represented the largest portion of interest-bearing debt, standing at 55%.

Teresa Gonçalves Lobo will be present at “Diálogo Cruzados” at Galeria Marca de Água

The exhibition dedicated to the interpretation and mediation of universes in the feminine intends to deconstruct historiographical narratives, valuing the paths and works of women artists and establishing “cross dialogues” with works of international reference.

Restaurant Galaxy SkyFood presents new menu

The restaurant opened with a simple and safe menu, but during the stop caused by the pandemic the chefs decided to innovate and create a new menu, which, however, keeps some dishes from the old menu.

Covid-19: Madeira keeps 23 cases active

“During this day, three more situations were identified that are being studied by the health authorities”, says the epidemiological bulletin of IASAÚDE, adding that they are “travelers identified in the context of the surveillance activities implemented in the Unit of Screening of the covid-19 from Madeira Airport ”

Funchal Chamber invests 24 thousand euros in the requalification of the Visconde Cagongo School

These are works carried out exclusively with internal means of the Municipality and aim to replace the floor of the entrance of the school from rolled stone to screed, in order to make the floor safer, since on rainy days it was very slippery

Passengers coming to Madeira can now test Covid-19 in the Algarve

This is thus the seventh protocol that the Region has signed with entities from the Mainland to carry out tests at the origin.

PremiumAFA Group studies Savoy hotels for Lisbon and Porto

Ricardo Farinha, CCO of the Savoy Signature Group, foresees a “slow sector recovery”, but is confident and announces a new hotel in Madeira.
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