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Madeira reaches surplus of 100 million euros in trade in goods

In 2019, exports grew by 18%, reaching 272 million euros, and imports fell by 4%, reaching 172 million euros.
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Miguel Albuquerque: PSD proposal on mandatory use of masks to safeguard legislation in Madeira

Miguel Albuquerque stressed that the Madeiran Executive has already introduced this recommendation “a long time ago” and that it has been “increasingly” complied with by the population, who are aware of the increase in the number of cases both in Europe and in the Continent.

Find out how you can grow your money with savings

There are many financial products available on the market. Banks, for example, market many savings products, namely time deposits, savings accounts, indexed and dual deposits, with different returns and risks.

SunStone Ships registers 14 cruises in the International Ship Register

SunStone Ships will also create a service company at the International Business Center of Madeira, and plans to hire Madeiran hotel professionals to work on board.

Madeira declares state of calamity until November

The Government Council established that “all students of higher education and ERASMUS Programs, who attend the University of Madeira, and all students of Madeira from higher education who attend higher education institutions located outside the territory of the region”, must do a second coronavirus test between the fifth and seventh day after disembarking in the region, as is the case with professionals in the areas of health, education, higher education, social and civil protection, who return to their functions after leaving for territories outside the island.

Mortgage rate drops to 0,862% in Madeira

Debt capital stood at 57.792 euros in September, down from 57.809 euros in the previous month.

APRAM receives 4,4 million euros to reduce impact caused by the pandemic

The Government Council approved another program-contract with Investimentos Habitacionais da Madeira, up to 1,3 million euros, and 34 program-contracts to assist the fisheries sector.

Registered unemployment rises 2% in Madeira

Between August and September, there were 438 more people registered in Madeira's employment centers. However, registered unemployment rose 20% compared to the same period last year, an additional 4.473 people.

Madeira's economic activity falls 7,1% in July

Regional economic activity has been on the decline since March, although June was the first month in which the fall was lower compared to the previous month. However, exports are on positive ground for the second consecutive month.

Competition for the first excavation phase of the new hospital in Madeira had six proposals

Among the six proposals, the values ​​vary between 18,8 million euros and 27,9 million.

Madeira: Regional Government announces capture of Madeira gamba in 2021

According to the studies, it is on the south coast of Madeira that the largest stocks are concentrated. Experts believe that exploration and commercialization in a sustainable way can reach between 15 to 100 tons per year, with a commercial value close to XNUMX thousand euros.

Madeira: Hotels start paying IASaúde funds they receive from infected tourists

The official stressed that the measure will allow tourists who would normally stay in confinement at the hotels where they had made the reservation, to be transferred to a hotel to receive cases with Covid-19.

Porto Santo Island enrolled in UNESCO's World Biosphere Reserve Network

With this registration, the number of Portuguese Biosphere Reserves in the UNESCO World Network rises to 12.

Madeira is on alert due to sea turmoil

The yellow warning includes the north coast and Porto Santo, and is in effect on Thursday.

Madeira: revenues and expenses with a 10% and 9% drop in September

In September, Madeira recorded a surplus of 5,4 million euros, between revenues and expenses. However, between January and September the region accumulates a deficit of 63 million euros.
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